Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Presidential Election "Double Tap"

The abuse of buying and selling votes crept in and money began to play an important part in determining elections.  Later on, this process of corruption spread to the law courts. And then to the army, and finally the Republic was subjected to the rule of emperors.  - Plutarch (Historian of the Roman Republic)
In the famous (infamous?) words of Watergate's "Deep Throat:"  "Follow the money."  Apparently Romney's wealthy donors are fleeing his campaign like cock roaches when the light is turned on: LINK  To make matters worse, Romney isn't going to be getting many votes from women:  LINK

And by the way, for you ideologically blind Obama supporters who think Obama is in office to represent the interests of the 99%'ers, take a look at this little factoid:  Since Obama has been elected, the top 1% of income earners have received 93% of the income growth:  LINK  Stick that in your little medical marijuana pipe and smoke it and continue dreaming about the Hope and Change as promised in 2008...

Now, please don't mistake me for someone who is supporting either candidate.  As those who have read my previous posts on the topic, our vote does not matter.  But this election is over and Romney could save a lot of donor money and both Romney and Obama could save a lot of taxpayer money by ending our misery now.  Of course, just like everything else being done by the oligarchs running our system, the dead corpse that is the election is being held up for more punching in order to enable the very wealthy to jockey for control through the "art" of campaign finance (see Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 - a landmark Supreme Court decision).

In Mafia parlance, probably ebonics too, the "double tap" is when you kill someone in the head with a gunshot but then fire a second bullet into the  head just make sure.  What we are going through now until election day is an election "double tap."

Originally I planned on watching the debate this Wednesday for I what I thought could be free entertainment.  But this debate is not free entertainment.  I was driving through the Denver University area yesterday running some errands and I noticed that there's already a heavy presence of security and secret service personnel deployed.  Not to mention the dozens of semi-trailors used for staging equipment.  Then, I was in the Safeway near DU and in walked two Denver SWAT cops dressed in jungle green with all their weaponry on display.  I overheard them wondering where the batteries were.  This is not free.  The cost of this debate to the taxpayers will likely be in the millions, once all the expense checks for travel and entertaiment plus security are taken into account.  And what do we get for our money?  An election that's already been decided.

And this brings me to a brief interchange I had this weekend.  There was a voter registration table set up in the lobby of my building on Saturday.  As I was walking in, the woman sitting there asked me if I was registered to vote.  To which I replied that I don't vote.  She wanted to know why.  I like to answer questions like that with a question, so I asked her if she owned any gold and silver bullion, knowing that the answer would be "no."  I followed her "no" response by stating that if she doesn't understand the reasons why everyone should should own gold and silver, then she would would be incapable of understanding why I choose not to vote.  She looked horrified but it shut her up. Referring her to my blog would be a waste of time.

By now a lot of you have heard about the Government's free cell phone program, something about which I was unaware until this morning.  Apparently Obama has taken the program and has implemented it as a device to pimp votes:  LINK  In that regard, please make no mistake in thinking that Romney would not have expanded this program in order to whore votes as well.  It really makes no difference which party is in office or in control.  But I wanted to share this video of a rabid Obama supporter so that everyone can see what campaign season has devolved into:


  1. are you suggesting the election should mimic the Ryder Cup and there should be concessions of putts, or votes and a match can end early?

    1. This election should be. There will be a few billion in taxpayer money spent on this election and I contend it's a waste because Obama already has the election sewn up. The fact that Romney is losing the support of the wealthy proves it.

  2. I wonder what Plutarch would think about this?

    More bikes sold than cars in Italy for first time since WW2

    For the first time since the end of the Second World War the number of bicycles sold in Italy has overtaken the number of cars.

    In a radical departure for the car-mad country, home to legendary marques such as Fiat, Ferrari and Lamborghini, 1,750,000 bikes were bought in 2011 compared to 1,748,000 motor vehicles.

    As austerity cuts deepen and petrol prices hit a new high, the purchase of new cars has dropped to levels not seen since the 1970s.

    Families are buying bikes, ditching their second cars and signing up to car pool schemes – a major shift for a nation which has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world, with around 60 cars for every 100 people.

    Car ownership became a symbol of the Italian economic miracle in the 1960s and has steadily grown since, but as unemployment rises and living costs soar, it has become an unaffordable luxury for many Italian families.


    Italian "Austerity"

    We say "not really" because as we have shown, Europe has yet to actually implement austerity. And yet the people suffer. Or rather, once again, it is the common man who suffers, and because of that is convinced that the government is spending less. It certainly isn't as we showed in the case of Spain whose tax revenues have increased even as spending has increased, promises to the contrary notwithstanding. But where is the money going then? Surely if the common man is suffering, everyone else must be too. Turns out the answer is no. As the following picture below shows, where previously a simple Lancia with the license plate "ITA1" once stood, the car that is now proudly parked in the same spot and drives around Italy's ambassador to the UK, Alain Giorgio Maria Economides (read his heartfelt message to all here), is a new Maserati Quattroporte.


    we're next...

  3. I think sometimes like you that Obama already has the election sewn up and then i see articles like this that make me think twice. This guy makes some valid points. see link for complete article.

    Erik Garcés ~ Abandonment

    My analysis is that there is either a schism among the elites themselves or money power has expressed it’s collective will – that Barack Obama must go. My money is on the latter. Why would I say this? Please know that I am NOT, and let me repeat because the trolls will ignore it anyway to make their foolish political points, I am not advocating or opposing any candidate.

    I am basing my opinion here on three separate indicators.

    In no particular order:

    1. The massive popularity and financial success of Dinesh D’Souza’s political documentary film “2016: Obama’s America” could not have happened without the tacit approval of money power. Hollywood is completely dominated by the pro Obama crowd and despite their opposition and the deliberate obstacles involved in distribution, this film is now the number two grossing documentary of all time behind Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”.

    2. The August 27th edition of Newsweek, as establishment media as it gets, showcases on their front page the President in a departing pose with the caption: “Hit the road Barack. Why we need a new President.” There is no possible way this could ever be allowed if money power was pushing for this man’s reelection. One could presume limited hangout perhaps, an operation designed to deal with unflattering news or information by a minimal acknowledgment. However with the polls this close, I doubt it.

    3. The incredible rise in the price of gasoline. Its well known in alternative media and contrarian economics that money power rigs the market place for commodities. Using computerized trading, futures can be sold or bought millions of times a second.

    This is seen by the elite as necessary since the US dollar, a fiat currency, is essentially backed by the deal Henry Kissenger made with the Saudi’s. We protect them, they only sell oil in dollars, exclusive of any other currency. This, among several methods, maintains the value of the paper dollar precisely where money power wants it any any time.

    There is a body of evidence, conclusive to many, that the precious metals markets in particular are also manipulated. In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming that silver is manipulated that there are thousands of investors grabbing up as much as they can in preparation for the skyrocketing price explosion to hit. Have you noticed all those “We Buy Gold and Silver” signs lately?

    If the elites wanted Barack Obama back for another term, we would be enjoying comfortable pricing in gasoline. That we’re not is either testament that money power has lost control of the markets due to the incredible sums of cash they’ve printed, or as I suspect, they no longer wish Obama to remain in the White House.

    I suspect that despite there being little real difference to Americans whether Obama or Romney wins, it means something to the elite. My hunch is that they feel the election of a Republican will slow the amazing rate of awakening to reality which has swept America since 2008. Similar to the way so many restive, anti-federal government types calmed after the election of George W. Bush in the wake of Bill Clinton’s ATF and FBI excesses during the 1990′s.

    In any event, the die is cast. No matter who is President in January, the mathematically unavoidable end of the paper dollar is near. Desperate attempts by the elite to hold on to control will mean more wars, more police state and infinitely more suffering. Regardless of which puppet the elite manage to slip into the oval office.


  4. Is it true that all of the questions that could be asked at the debate are previously submitted to both candidates so they won't have any surprises?

  5. Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left???By Eric Sprott & David Baker, Sprott Asset Management
    Twelve years ago, few would have cared what central banks did with their gold. Gold had suffered a twenty year bear cycle and didn’t engender much excitement at $255 per ounce. It made perfect sense for Western governments to lend out (or in the case of Canada – outright sell) their gold reserves in order to generate some interest income from their holdings. And that’s exactly what many central banks did from the late 1980’s through to the late 2000’s. The times have changed however, and today it absolutely does matter what they’re doing with their reserves, and where the reserves are actually held. Why? Because the countries in question are now all grossly over-indebted and printing their respective currencies with reckless abandon. It would be reassuring to know that they still have some of the ‘barbarous relic’ kicking around, collecting dust, just in case their experiment with collusive monetary accommodation doesn’t work out as planned.
    You may be interested to know that central bank gold sales were actually the crux of the original investment thesis that first got us interested in the gold space back in 2000. We were introduced to it through the work of Frank Veneroso, who published an outstanding report on the gold market in 1998 aptly titled, “The 1998 Gold Book Annual”. In it, Mr. Veneroso inferred that central bank gold sales had artificially suppressed the full extent of gold demand to the tune of approximately 1,600 tonnes per year (in an approximately 4,000 tonne market of annual supply). Of the 35,000 tonnes that the central banks were officially stated to own at the time, Mr. Veneroso estimated that they were already down to 18,000 tonnes of actual physical. Once the central banks ran out of gold to sell, he surmised, the gold market would be poised for a powerful bull market… and he turned out to be completely right – although central banks did continue to be net sellers of gold for many years to come.
    Over the past several years, we’ve collected data on physical demand for gold as it has developed over time. The consistent annual growth in demand for physical gold bullion has increasingly puzzled us with regard to supply. Global annual gold mine supply ex Russia and China (who do not export domestic production) is actually lower than it was in year 2000, and ever since the IMF announced the completion of its sale of 403 tonnes of gold in December 2010, there hasn’t been any large, publicly-disclosed seller of physical gold in the market for almost two years.4 Given the significant increase in physical demand that we’ve seen over the past decade, particularly from buyers in Asia, it suffices to say that we cannot identify where all the gold is coming from to supply it… but it has to be coming from somewhere.

  6. The Federal Reserve and the Currency Wars

    Of course, monetary expansion should be accompanied by a less contractionary fiscal stance in industrial countries. But the advanced economies’ room for fiscal maneuver is more limited than it was in 2007-2008, and America’s political gridlock has deepened, all but ruling out further stimulus through budgetary channels. Although the effectiveness of a new round of quantitative easing will be limited, as Mantega argues, the Fed had no choice but to act.

    But Mantega is also right. Given the role of the US dollar as the dominant global currency, the Fed’s expansionary monetary policy generates significant externalities for the rest of the world – effects that the Fed is certainly not taking into account. The basic problem is that there are essential imperfections in an international monetary system that is based on the use of a national currency as the world’s main reserve currency.

    This problem was highlighted as far back as the 1960’s by the Belgian economist Robert Triffin, and, more recently, by the late Italian economist Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa. “The stability requirements of the system as a whole,” Padoa-Schioppa argued, “are inconsistent with the pursuit of economic and monetary policy forged solely on the basis of domestic rationales.”

    The basic problem is the lack of a broader agenda that would make the Fed’s position consistent with that of Mantega and other emerging-country officials. That agenda must include two issues of global monetary reform that remain unaddressed: coordinated global regulation of capital flows in the short term, and a long-term shift toward a new international monetary system based on a true global reserve currency (possibly based on the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights).

    The US could benefit from such policies, as capital-account regulation would force investors to find opportunities at home, while a true global reserve currency would free the US from concerns – and harsh rebukes – about the implications of its monetary policy on the global economy.


  7. I don't know if I would have been as polite as you were in explaining why you won't vote, Dave. I most like likely would have tossed out a zinger or two, such as "voting is for suckers" or "I'm doing my part to fight organized crime". Or maybe not. Maybe I would have said I'm undecided and then ask the woman doing the registration who she thought was the better choice and why, just as an experiment to see how brainwashed she is (yeah, I can be a cynical bastard).

    On the Obama phone lady, she is a prime example of why voting should be a privilege and not a right. Scary.

  8. Patriots vs. Broncos this weekend! Good luck!

    1. LOL. Thanks! Should be a good game. What's up with your Saints?

    2. It's a tough situation there this season. I think No Payton is the biggest factor. I had a feeling that the turmoil of the off-season would have an affect. They'll be back with a vengeance next season.

  9. I guess the woman behind the registration table was not good-looking. Otherwise, you could have been more than glad to explain to her in detail the virtues of owning gold and silver.;-) Obummer has been buying votes for the past 4 years with all sorts of welfare programmes. However, is it possible that once he was voted into office in November, he would adopt some sort of fiscal austerity to the 99%? He will have no need to buy votes after November.

    1. You are correct - she was 50-something and overweight. Probably a prototypical Denver "everyone on field day gets a ribbon" liberal.

  10. Double tap is an excersie for those that choose to use anything other than a 45acp for self defense. At least in my "hood". No need to be wasteful. I'm still voting for Gary Johnson just to piss off brainwashed family members.

    1. Who needs the Double Tap when a Old Fashioned Colombian Neck-Tie will do the trick.

  11. Serfdom 101: keep voting, pay your taxes, shut your mouth.

  12. Federal Reserve Overstepped Bounds By Catering To Banks & Ignoring Congress

    “Congress was clear about setting reasonable debit swipe fees and ensuring greater competition among card networks. It’s also clear that the Fed ignored Congress,” said Doug Kantor, an attorney for the merchants who have sued the Federal Reserve in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

    The fees charged to swipe both debit and credit cards for purchases total about $60 billion in revenues for banks and credit card companies, costing U.S. households hundreds of dollars a year. For merchants, swipe fees are the second highest cost for them, after labor. Swipe fees also have tripled since 2004, even while technology has lowered the cost of card transactions.

    Part of the Dodd-Frank law included the Durbin Amendment, which sought to bring competition to debit card networks that process the transaction and to reduce the fees for using debit. The amendment instructed the Fed to set debit swipe fees that are “reasonable” and “proportional” to the banks’ costs. The Fed had determined the cost to be 4 cents a swipe.

    After Durbin passed, the Fed dropped debit swipe fees from an average 42 cents a transaction (over 10 times actual cost) to 12 cents. The big banks, however, immediately leaned on the Fed, forcing their regulator to set the debit swipe fees at 21 cents, five times the banks’ actual cost, plus .05 percent of the transaction and an additional one cent for fraud prevention.

    The banking lobbying convinced the Fed to cram the many costs of running a bank into an overinflated fee, rather than focusing on the banks’ cost of handling a debit transaction. The Fed also undercut Congress’ intent to make the debit card industry more competitive by not allowing merchants to choose among networks to process a sale.


  13. Like you Dave I will not be voting in this election. There are no actual candidates worthy of my time.

    It would be epic if no one showed, but that is pure fantasy as the Sheep are still fast asleep.

    1. Bizarre how non-voters have so much passion about what they won't do. Politicians want thinking people to stay home, so you are doing what they want. LOL.

      Politicians slightly care if you vote 3rd party, as it is a threat to the duopoly.

      Politicians greatly care if you stop paying taxes, as that threatens their ability to spend and threatens their jobs.

      What makes the system legitimate is you voluntarily paying taxes. It is like you are r***d, you pay a tax for that experience, and you don't say no.

      I have physical metal, ammo, food, etc. I am aligning with God. This makes it easy for me to vote Gary Johnson to help the Libs get 5%, and to not be tied to the election outcome.
      I participate without mental trauma. Apparently you can't mentally deal with participation. While you fail to vote, you are still paying taxes they use to r**e you and your family. You are forced to participate.
      Are you strong enough to stop paying taxes? I bet you even go through TSA pornoscans. You opt out of voting. Do you opt out of the TSA scans? I do.

    2. Normally I would ignore such an idiotic post such as this as one can clearly see you are a Sheeple in denial. Gary Johnson? please I might as well write in Bozo the clown.

      And the rest of what you speak is pure fantasy, you type as if you know me lol. Trust me you don't and never will. So continue on with you're mission that Gary Johnson will be the new savior in grace Sheeple in denial, and next time take your personal attacks and so called opinions to another opponent as I have been doing this since you were shitting and pissing in you're diapers.

      I welcome your rebuttal, but bring your " A " game Sheeple in denial.

  14. The Secret Deal Between the Democrats and Republicans To Control the Presidential Debates
    "The only way to forestall the work of criticism (critical thought) is through censorship, which has the same relation to criticism that lynching has to justice."

    Northrop Frye

    Would you be surprised to learn that secret deals between the two major US political parties and the major news media control access to the Presidential debates, thereby controlling the discussion, turning them into show pieces and beauty contests obsessed with the trivial and the technicalities of performance art, rather than substantive discussions of the issues?

    Did you wonder why third party messages and non-corporately sponsored ideas are completely ignored in the discussions, debates, and for the most part in the 'free press?'

    It appears that for at least once the Democrats and Republicans were able to agree on something. They agreed to monopolize access to the presidential debate, with the help of a compliant and greedy corporate media, in a way that would almost certainly violate the antitrust laws, assuming these politicians were subject to any laws but their own.

    This is not a serious and original discussion of the issues. This is bread and circuses. Bread for the media and the politicians, and circuses for the people.

  15. Chris Hedges on "US Elections Pick Your Poison"


  16. Gold Wars revisited

    Ferdinand Lips knew that those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. And here we are today – again faced with governments printing money on an epic scale. Only this time more or less the entire world is in on the act. Think of it as John Law’s Mississippi Bubble, as seen in early 18th century France, on steroids.

    Lips’s message is not just about gold, because the real virtue of gold was both how it became money – freely and voluntarily chosen by the market and the people – and also about the role it played in preserving liberty. Without a stable and independent unit of currency, there can be no property rights, and without these, savings and investment are impossible. Capital accumulation is thus impaired if not totally prohibited, so slowing human progress to a crawl (if not total reversal). There can be no free market without honest money, just as there can be no trade without honest weights and measures – something that Juan de Mariana made very clear almost 500 years ago. And without a free market, human liberty is a mere concept. To exercise our liberty in a material world we need private ownership of the means of production so that individuals can control their own lives.


  17. It just goes to show that doesn't matter what you decide to do - in a collapsing system - the best is to just let it collapse. It's a waste trying to correct things by trying to do the incremental thing.

    Anyway - here a good article what happens in a collapsing system - it's free for all. The trying to right the system are overwhelmed.


    1. Feast of fools

      How American democracy became the property of a commercial oligarchy.

      Good intentions, like mother's milk, are a perishable commodity. As wealth accumulates, men decay, and sooner or later an aristocracy that once might have aspired to an ideal of wisdom and virtue goes rancid in the sun, becomes an oligarchy distinguished by a character that Aristotle likened to that of "the prosperous fool" - its members so besotted by their faith in money that "they therefore imagine there is nothing that it cannot buy".

      The shaping of the will of Congress and the choosing of the American president has become a privilege reserved to the country's equestrian classes, aka the 20 per cent of the population that holds 93 per cent of the wealth, the happy few who run the corporations and the banks, own and operate the news and entertainment media, compose the laws and govern the universities, control the philanthropic foundations, the policy institutes, the casinos, and the sports arenas. Their anxious and spendthrift company bears the mark of oligarchy ridden with the disease diagnosed by the ancient Greeks as pleonexia, the appetite for more of everything - more McMansions, more defence contracts, more beachfront, more tax subsidy, more prosperous fools. Aristotle mentions a faction of especially reactionary oligarchs in ancient Athens who took a vow of selfishness not unlike the anti-tax pledge administered by Grover Norquist to Republican stalwarts in modern Washington: "I will be an enemy to the people and will devise all the harm against them which I can."


    2. I'm not sure how I feel about the messenger (aljazeera), but there's no denying the message.

  18. Faux 2012 Debates in a Very Real World
    NOT ONE REAL ISSUE, NOT ONE TRUTH, was covered by either corporate-candidate in the first faux-2012-presidential debate.