Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Reader's Appeal To Obama

I had two regular readers independently share letters with me that they submitted to the White House, ostensibly for President Obama to read, but we know he'll never see them.  Both letters carried pretty much the same theme.  One of them, however, essentially accused Obama of being Robert Rubin's Uncle Tom and was written in a manner which isn't suitable for polite society.  The second letter is an articulate, poignant appeal to the President that, I believe, reflects the views and feelings of a large majority of Americans:
I must tell you, not only can we not hold our heads up in any sort of dignified manner globally, your elegant bow to China’s leader, Wen Jiabao, will be a prolonged measure which our country will now be forced to endure. We can no longer look China in the eye, as they are methodically taking ownership of us.

Dear_President_Obama -


  1. Shape shifting should count as change, no?

  2. Shape shifting? Is that what happens when Michelle pulls up her girdle?

  3. Obama is not in charge. No American president has been in charge since the FED was created in 1913. JFK tried but we know how that turned out.

    Simply put, the USD is very close to being a spent currency and when it goes so goes American Empire.

    Joe M.

  4. I am sure Obama will read these items and think long and hard about them.

  5. Agree Joe, but the President gets paid to take the heat.

  6. Dave,
    If I do not email you/or comment here later, Happy New Year! Good luck for the Broncos to get in the show.