Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dollar Decline Update...

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  1. So Dave are you buying UDN?

  2. buy AGQ or DGP if you want a leveraged play on the dollar falling. I don't like ETFs in general except to go short as a hedge. Those ETFs slowly erode lower because of the time decay of the premiums embedded in the derivatives they use.

  3. Hey Dave what sites do you recommend to buy physical precious metals from? I have used and but am always interested in what others use and why.

    Great day for the metals btw!


  4. Today was huge. I spent some time with a guy I know how is in semi off-the-grid mode. He confirmed what I've heard from several very good sources that globally wealthy people are buying physical gold like crazy now. The U.S. mint had another record month in March for silver eagles.

    Don't use Kitco. They are not to be trusted at all and their prices suck.

    If you can buy bullion in minimum quantities - like 20 ozs. of gold or 500 ozs. of silver, use Best prices, free shipping and he's actually becoming customer-friendly vs. the past.

    I've also used CNI or if you are buying in smaller quantities.

    We started working with Miles Franklin out Minneapolis as well. Andy Schectman is straigh-shooter and friendly. Tell him Dave and Dean in Denver referred you if call him.

  5. What a day!

    FED maiden lane holdings glimpse showed what most of us knew all along; stacked with garbage! They must have thought that a little disclosure would quite the dumb a#$ congres but they were too stupid to know that people like those at Zero Hedge, Denninger and Jesse would see it all and report on the 44 cents on the dollar value and unhedged interest rate exposure. Add to this the gold/silver manipulation hard data is making the big news sites (how is that London police still have NO COMMENT on the man they cuaght after the hit and run!?) and things could get some light shed on them quick.

    Keep up the hard work Dave, some of us appreciate all the effort.

  6. Thanks for the feeback GYC. I haven't read Jesse's site yet today, but I sent him a bunch of links from the FT blog early this morning on the Maiden Lane stuff.

    It's a Madoff Ponzi scheme x 10.

  7. Dave, something to make you laugh.
    [Obama: US would go bankrupt without health changes]
    The article is dated April 2nd so no, its not an April fools day.

  8. LOL. The only April Fool is Obama. Thanks for posting that article. Isn't ironic that it's really just the opposite? That HC Bill could end up causing the whole thing to tip.