Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update On The Gold/Silver Buying Operation Being Set Up At Sears/Kmart

My friend DC from New Jersey called Pro Gold, the company setting up the gold/silver buying operation at Sears/Kmart.  They are associated with this Chinese company:  Combine International.   Anyone still wondering how the Chinese are diversifying out of the dollar?  I've been saying all along that Chinese are hedging and diversifying away from their problematic exposure to the U.S. dollars in some very subtle and clever ways.  How ironic that mindless, American Idol worshipping consumption-happy Americans are dumping the one thing of value they own to the Chinese in exchange for U.S. dollar confetti.  Talk about being given rope to hang one's self with...


  1. Combine International offers the following services (among many others):

    International Ocean/Air/Sea-air service; Import/export clearance; booking and multi-transportation service.

    Triangle trade door to door service.

    The English is a bit tortured, and they lack a search page, so I couldn't find anything relating to Sears or Pro Gold. I wonder if they know that the 'triangle trade' used to involve slaves shipped to my part of the world?