Monday, June 21, 2010

Can Obama Shut Down The Internet?

If this Bill racing through Congress passes, and it sounds like it will, Obama will be able to shut down internet access in this country for reasons that could be entirely at his discretion:  "the bill could give the White House the ability to effectively shut down portions of the Internet for reasons that could prove to be politically inspired."  Here's the link:  Congress Is Giving Obama An Internet Kill-Switch.

I would urge you to contact your Congressmen about this, but I doubt it will do any good.  The movement toward destroying the Bill of Rights and our civil liberties began with the passage of the Patriot Acts (1 and 2), the Homeland Security Act and the Detainee Bill.  Now you can be thrown in jail without a hearing if someone hears something you say that they don't like and reports you to the FBI, you can be put on a no-fly list if you have the wrong last name and Obama will be able to control your access to the internet.

Someone remind me:  wasn't Obama elected on the promises of more Government transparency and the willingness to reverse all of the destruction to the Constitution and our democratic rights inflicted by the Bush people?  Let me remind you that Obama took Bush's cell-phone eavesdropping powers and expanded them.  Is this what you voted for?  Not only is our economic/financial system starting to look like that of Weimar Germany in the 1920's, but our political system is starting to look like Germany circa 1932...


  1. the more things change the more they stay the same.

    common denominator is govt control.

  2. Agree Hal. What really worries me is that Obama's Presidency is starting to fail. A full 55% of those polled in lastest Rasmussen disapprove of the job he's doing. That will show up in November big time.

    The problem is that historically, failing leaders resort desperation in order to try and maintain control.

  3. Well, Obama can shut down Internet. But bear in mind violation of human rights in China: they are even censoring some web pages.

  4. Just more evidence that they are losing control. One thing the G-Man hates just as much as gold is the internet.

    And Dave, I agree with you-- the majority of Congress doesn't give a damn what we think. Hell, they are already past the point of using the Constitution as toilet paper.

  5. Bush wiped his ass with the Constitution, now Obama is making up his own Bill of Rights.

  6. Options expiration today for gold/silver. And as usual both are being taken down.

    Installing former goldmanite Gary Gensler in charge of the CFTC is like having a pimp protect a hooker.

  7. Actually, opex is this Thursday. $19 is the key level based on the silver put/call structure. FOMC 2-day meeting starts tomorrow - another catalyst which usually triggers intervention to take the metals lower. This too shall pass.
    We went to mostly cash in our stocks and partially hedged out our physical first thing this morning.

    Will look to redeploy and add more physical as this week progresses...

  8. OT

    Ambrose evans pritchard's headline on the weekend - "Gold reclaims its currency status as the global system unravels"

    A perfect setup to get the longs in deep early on ion the tradin gsession, only to hammer them unbelievably hard.

    The BS continues unabated.

  9. Agree. But the metals were due for a pullback of sorts. Comex options expiry plus a 2-day FOMC meeting perfect backdrop.

    Trust me, there is a bombshell that will likely be dropped w/in the next two weeks that take all this Comex paper and shove it very far up Wall Streets' rectum...

  10. "Trust me, there is a bombshell that will likely be dropped w/in the next two weeks that take all this Comex paper and shove it very far up Wall Streets' rectum... "

    I have heard Bill Murphy say the same, about a month ago, at least. Why the hold up? Is it a class action lawsuit? IF so, can we trust the courts, given all the freedoms they have taken away since 2001, for our own protection? Just sayin'.

    The internet is an amazing tool to get the word out, no wonder the FEDS want to be able to limit its power.

    Scary times.

  11. re: Comex options expiry. I'm sure there's some kind of formula that it's based on, but you can look at the product schedule here:

  12. Can you imagine this story and the coverage if Bush was president? Unreal.

  13. We need some "Candlemass" the masters of Doom metal!

  14. I was just reading Jessie's blog on the AZ problem.
    Just wondering, if the Germans or Japanese were sending armed troops, even if small probing units, into the US in the 40's , do you think the Federal Govt response to a local state taking the issue into its own hands rather than waiting for an inept and unconcerned Fed Govt response would be that the Fed sue the state to cease and desist?

    Now, since the magnitude of this problem is debated, I can offer the old joke of a guy with a "lady of the evening": "we know what you are; we are just negotiating."

    major major problems according to Jessies and his link to Panzer. And our leaders debate the magnitude of the problem, and who should not be responding.

    Yeah--we are doomed--Obama and co is fundamentally changing the USA.

  15. LOL Hal. Obama's Presidency is spiralling down in failure. He's worse than W.

  16. LOL GYC. I've become a big Mofro guy.


    THAT is censorship.

  18. WASHINGTON, 16 December 2004 --- /Denounce Newswire/ --- President Bush has ordered plans for temporarily disabling the Internet during a national crisis to prevent terrorists from using the technology, the White House said Wednesday.

    Any shutdown of the network inside the United States would come under only the most remarkable circumstances, said a Bush administration official who spoke to a small group of reporters at the White House on condition of anonymity.

    The Internet is vital to the global economy ever since the commercial rise of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s.

    The president also instructed the Defense Department to develop plans to disable, in certain areas, an enemy's access to the Internet, including Europe, South America, and Asia.

    The military increasingly uses secure Internet technology for troop email, instant messaging, and playing action-packed multiplayer games like Halo II. Any government-ordered shutdown or jamming of the Internet would be done in ways to limit disruptions to systems outside the affected area, the White House said.

    "This is not something you would do lightly," said James A. Lewis, director of technology policy for the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. "It's clearly a big deal. You have to give them credit for being so brazen about what they're going to do."

    President Clinton abandoned the practice in May 2000 of deliberately degrading the accuracy of civilian navigation signals, a technique known as "selective availability." According to Clinton, it was just a bad idea.

    The White House said it will not reinstate that practice, but said the president could decide to disable parts of the network for national security purposes.

    The directives to the Defense Department and the Homeland Security Department were part of a space policy that Bush signed this month. It designates the Internet as a critical infrastructure for the U.S. government. Part of the new policy is classified; other parts were disclosed Wednesday.

    The White House said the policies were aimed at improving the stability and performance of the Internet, which Bush pledged will continue to be made available.

    The Internet is a global internetwork of millions of computers large and small and forms the basis for much of the global information economy. Billions of people worldwide use the Internet every day and such disruptions would no doubt prove catastrophic to many national economies.

    Bush also said the government will make the Internet more resistant to deliberate or inadvertent jamming, immoral thoughts, and seditious speech.