Friday, August 6, 2010

Quote Of The Week...

The U.S. is already finished, it's just a matter time for the elites to finish looting before they let everything collapse. Fait accompli - Dave in Denver 8/6/2010

Good riddance to Christina Romer.  In true Orwellian fashion, she commented that today's employment report shows "steady growth." Would you really want to take an economics course from her? Reeeally?

What an embarrassment for Cal Berkely.

The fact of the matter is that there is just no possible positive spin that anyone can put on that employment report. And don't forget, this is a report that has been highly massaged and manipulated in a way that would be the equivalent of making up Rosie O'Donnell to look like Jennifer Aniston. Good luck...

Even more shocking is the magnitude of the June revision. The economy shed twice as many jobs as originally reported. Of course, the downward revision will be conveniently ignored by the media from which most Americans - at least those that do pay attention to the news - source their highly manipulated information.

So here's your team who is in full control of Obama's economic policy: Tax-Evading Tim Geithner who brags about spending his entire career as a public servant. I'm guessing - since Geithner didn't have a pot to piss in when enterered Treasury - will be well taken care of financially by the banks who control him.  And here's Obama's chief economic advisor:

And I'll stop ranting with this:  ask yourself, why are Obama's operatives, especially Tim Geithner - who we know is completely controlled by the banks - vigorously opposing the possible appointment of Elizabeth Warren to the Ministry of Consumer Financial Protection? She is the ONE person who actually has attempted to restrain and regulate the banks. Isn't that the type of reformer that Obama promised to give us when he was bamboozling us with what has turned out to be slick ghetto-jive when he was campaigning?


  1. Yellow is Mellow.

    Thanks Dave

  2. it's not Obama's fault.

    he inherited the problem.

    What I heard in the campaign is that he would be a "turn around artist" just like you would see come into a troubled company and get the ship righted.

    Similarities are no money, too much debt etc.

    The difference is that Obama and Co added to the debt rather than looking for ways to cut and pare it back and clean things up.

    Some turn around artist. Of course, it would have helped to have experience running a large organization or any organization and not to have somewhat hidden agendas.

  3. Politicians say what is expedient.

    And someone who is in the service of government must 'toe the party line, or resign.'

    Hey, guess what she just did. I think. Unless she was given the boot in which case Obama is owned by Wall Street even moreso than I had thought.

  4. Jesse, Obama is more owned by Wall Street than your conscience is willing to let you believe.

    Many people, at the end of the day, still want to hang on that one last threat of belief that Obama has at least a "wisp" of what he campaigned for.

    Denial is the most powerful of human defense mechanisms.

  5. Dave, you're sounding like Glenn Beck and from my perspective that's a great thing. Somebody needs to tell the friggin' TRUTH!

  6. Au contraire. Glenn Beck sounds like me LOL

  7. At this point, why fight it anymore? It's too far gone... Just prepare.

  8. Exactly anonymous. I just hope enough people become educated and motivated enough to do what needs to be done when the time comes: revolution.

  9. bought and paid for buy the same guys that dealt with jfk is my theory .

  10. maybe the smartest thing is to become part of the elite and make sure any revolutionaries will not get far

  11. I just talked to my good buddy over at the Cycle Analyst on South Pearl. A customer was pointing out a mid-range Brooks saddle on the wall which was $49.95. My buddy Richard, the owner of the store said that an entire Raleigh three speed bike fully outfitted could be had for that amount circa 1970. I asked him what a comparable model might cost today. $1600. the simple calculation speaks volumes. I also had the opportunity to speak to may brother tonight who lives just south of Stapleton. Five break-ins on his block in the past month. At one of them they got past the alarm, but had to fight of the Rottie with a shovel. unluckily they escaped.

  12. It reminds me of an old cartoon I saw years ago. It was the pilot and co-pilot with parachutes on their backs walking down the aisle of an aircraft towards the doors looking neervous and whistling.

    Some of the rats are jumping ship. I assume they all would if they could or perhaps they have no shame and don't care. I suspect at this point Christina Romer and most in the administration recognize the choosen one is clueless. The question we must ask now is: Is it better for America if Obama just plays golf and goes on vacations or would you prefer he borrows more money for more "stimulus" LOL? The previous comment was correct: "At this point, why fight it anymore? It's too far gone... Just prepare." IT'S gonna happen! We are looking at an inevitable collapse. We have a few more golden days/weeks months to prepare. If you don't have a year's supply of food get it. If you don't have $1000 or more in small bills hidden someplace, get it. If you don't have some of your food cached someplace safe then do it. It's gonna get nasty. There is less time then you think...

  13. Hi - this rumor about debt forgiveness by Freddie and Fannie. What effect's will that have on the economy? No extra cash is generated so it could flow into the economy - unless houses are once again used as wallets and the same thing happens all over! Christmas for the ones who got it wrong. For the ones who were prudent????

    Most of all what effects will it have on Precious Metals?

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  14. I would be surprised if there's truth to that FNM/FRE rumor. I'm sure it's been batted around the Oval Office. It would be an incredible crime against our citizenry if Obama did this. I would bet that a lot of people would just stop paying taxes.

    IF this is announced, gold will go parabolic.

  15. hey Dave ..

    I always enjoy reading your post on

    as to your question....vigorously opposing the possible appointment
    of Elizabeth Warren to the Ministry of Consumer Financial Protection?

    this brings me to the Frontline....the Warning

    looks like they are about to do it again...the same hacks then are in power today again

    What's so scary about Elizabeth Warren?

    as far as to the question posted above..Mass-Forgiveness

    Karl had this to say about it......what if.

    about gold I always hold is money!!!!!!

    The Reagan Diaries, which follows Ronald Reagan's 8 year term through
    his daily dairy entries, and lo and behold, early on at page 25 comes this obvious bombshell
    from economist Arthur Laffer: "Art Laffer dropped a grenade on his colleagues when he said we weren't
    going to solve the fiscal program until we returned to convertibility of money for gold. I would have
    liked to heard the discussion among the economists after I left" - Ronald Reagan


  16. Dave..

    off to the right of page you have this.

    Spending By Presidents
    source: The Big Picture

    Eric Janszen
    has a video of this on the main page..

  17. It's nice to know Reagen was thinking about the budget when he gutted it on dubious military expenditures and tax cuts for the rich. What an amazing hypocrite.