Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quote Of The Month (So Far)

Bill Murphy in tonight's Midas at
Something is going to have to give big time down the road re deflation/inflation in the US, and it is not going to be the precious metals … meaning either gold/silver are telling the real story or bonds are … and it’s not bonds 


  1. Dave,
    no chit and all crap aside today was a bit scary.

    Glad I have my physical metals but this action is getting too wild.

  2. Can't say I disagree. Make sure you read this - it's a great summary of everything:

  3. Hey dave, been reading your blog for a while. I've made a couple cartoons you might find entertaining at my URL.

  4. thanks Oppressed Monkey. Will spend some time with your blog tonight. Might throw one of the cartoons on my sidebar.