Friday, December 10, 2010


November federal budget deficit highest on record


Got gold?  Silver?  If not, good luck!


  1. I read somewhere over the past few days that China was spending its dollars by buying gold (using USD) out of NY, thus effectively helping reduce the trade deficit.

    Did anyone else see this? And would that not be a (sick) hoot?

  2. Hey Dave,

    Kid Dynamite, whom I think very highly of, does a nice job on the possible (or not) JP Morgan silver short positions:
    Not sure yet if I agree, but worth a look.

  3. SDRG is really tanking now. What's the deal?

    Not looking good at all, they really botched the CLM situation.

  4. I am buying SDRG here for myself and for my fund. I exchanged emails with the CEO over the weekend and I believe this selling is way overblown.

  5. Hi Dave

    Three things. Great reads!

    SDRG - man this must be the cheapest now. Also had chat with Marc. This will be a catapult north. China drill results must be coming out soon sometime.

    All this shorting silver business - every Tom, Dick and Harry have all their takes - between them the fact of the matter is shorts are huge. Here another perspective if some haven't seen it yet.


  6. Thanks for the update anonymous. I'm glad some people on here are calling Marc and doing their own due dili.

    This is a risky play NOT for the feint of heart. I believe it will pay off. I've bot shares today for myself and for the fund and have been bidding in size near the bid side and not buying any.

    It's either going to a buck or zero. Go big or go home, I say! lol


  7. A silver producer that tarded today at 10 cents??

    This thing stinks to high heaven.