Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whoops! Will China's Government Pay Heed To One Of Its Central Bankers?

Central banker urges China to cut U.S. debt holdings: report
China should further diversify its huge foreign exchange reserves away from U.S. government debt to reduce its risk exposure, a central bank official said in comments published on Monday.

Here's the news report from reuters:  LINK

One would have to guess that this comment out of China this evening is why the dollar is lower and gold/silver have popped higher from Friday's close.


  1. BS!! If yu guys only know how to play the blaming game...just go to bed then...everybody knew it was bottom last Fri. probably only you still don't know that.

  2. How bout that USD Chico!
    Watch for a breakout above 82.50

  3. LOL. All I can say is: never fight the Fed. The Govt wants a much lower dollar...