Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama's Main "Jobs" Man Moves More Jobs To China!

"My man!"  Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric and the head of Obama's Jobs Council, is moving GE's 115 year old medical x-ray business over to China.  GE is the world's largest manufacturer of medical imaging machines. Here's the Bloomberg news release:  LINK

This is right out of Orwell's playbook.  I really thought that it would be impossible to have a worse President than W.  But how can anyone who looks at the facts not conclude that Obama is at least as bad, if not worse?  So to have the man in charge of coming up with policies that are supposed to create jobs  be responsible for the  movement of more jobs to China is just brilliant.  Next thing you know my main man Obama will appoint someone who cheats on his taxes to run the Treasury...

I'm laughing right now because this is so absurd.  How can anyone take Obama seriously?  At least with Bush we knew what we were dealing with.   Obama is actually more dangerous than Bush because there still seems to be a fairly large percentage of die-hard - albeit brain-dead - supporters who still have "hope" and "faith." 

I wish I had a phone list of those supporters because I could make a lot of money selling them pet rocks and mood rings...


  1. Dave, I fell for Mr Hopium McChange in 2008. Lord have mercy. I wasn't financially aware then, no knowledge of your blog for example, or Jim Sinclair, or Zero Hedge, or Jesse's Cafe Americain or King World News or myriad others. No awareness, then, of physical gold and silver and their importance.

    And a hat tip to Matt Taibbi, and so many like him, who together serve the public interest with such distinction.

    "Obama is actually more dangerous that Bush" - fully agree. Who would have thought Wall St would have the audacity to use the first black president as a stalking horse? Would would have thought said president would be so quick to agree?

  2. here is another gem. While watching CNBS while dressing, I hear that Apple and GE have more cash than the federal govt. Duh--GE reported 16 billion of earnings last year yet paid zero in taxes.

    This president is so two faced it is beyond disgusting. He should be showing Immelt the door, rather he is (being forced?) embracing the guy as a friend (along with the CEO of --whats that bank) JPM?

    By the way, if you look at the 10 year budget from the white house submitted in january-tax revenues increase by a factor of 2.3 times and increasing 14% this year--thats first impossible to increase 2.3 times and I think tax revs decrease this year which makes the entire 10 year plan BS--and that projected debt of over 20 trillion in 2021--looks like more than 35 trillion to me.

  3. I remember a certain friend of mine who was an Obama partisan. lol.

    I would not be too hard on those who voted for him. I think you need to move your goal posts a little, because I can imagine worse, much worse.

    Obama is a fluffball. The point end is yet to come.

  4. What a disgrace...and yet since all the big money benefits...a quid pro quo continues to the detriment to everyone outside the club.

    Third Way Document Proves Democratic Party Supports Institutionalized
    Looting by Banks

    It is one thing to suspect that something is rotten in Denmark, quite
    another to have proof. Ever since Obama appointed his Rubinite
    economics team, it was blindingly obvious that he was aligning himself
    with Wall Street. The strength of the connection became even more
    evident in March 2009, when Team Obama embarked on its “stress test”
    charade and bank stock cheerleading. Rather than bring vested banking
    interests to heel, the administration instead chose to reconstitute,
    as much as possible, the very same industry whose reckless pursuit of
    profit had thrown the world economy off the cliff.

    But now we see evidence in a new paper by the think tank Third Way of
    an even deeper commitment to pro-financier policies. The Democratic
    party has made clear that it supports institutionalized looting by
    banks, via the innocuous-seemeing device of rejecting the idea of
    writedowns on bonds they hold.
    Notice the Third Way script is a refinement of the process. We no longer bother with the actual stage of bankruptcy; that would be too messy and would embarrass too many powerful people. We now have a drip feed running directly from governments to banks via various hidden subsidies (super cheap interest rates being the biggest one of late) and the official “no more Lehmans” policy stressed in this paper.

    “Bondholders can’t take losses” is now an explicit part of the “preserve the zombie banks” strategy. This is utterly ridiculous, since bonds are risk capital.

  5. since i warned people of the specifics of who obama was running with and what companies were funding the bulk of his campaign, I feel compelled to share two other tidbits that many people seem to "know" but still not "get."

    oligarchies maintain power by selling its subordinates on various illusions. the first illusion is that you have a choice in electing officials. voting is not choosing. the second is that elected politicians hold real power and make important decisions for their constituents. the third, is that by giving these people and institutions your attention you are likely to achieve the change that is in your best interest. but the biggest consequence of these illusions is that by begging them to make changes, you don't realize it is YOU who has the power. that WE, collectively, hold that power, and that by begging THEM, we give up that power willingly, and then wonder why we can't affect real change.

  6. Here's an illusion....this is not a criminal enterprise!

    The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders

    So the private banks own the Fed (and most other central banks), and the central banks – and private shareholders – in turn own BIS, the global bank regulator.

    It would obviously be very interesting to find out who these private shareholders are.

  7. Obama isn't the President, he merely plays one on TV.

  8. Good listen...system hijacked...we won't get anywhere with either party..

    They are all spoken for... so they are not going to speak for us...

    Wide Awake News

  9. "I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free."

    - Head Stone of Nikos Kazantzakis

  10. Man the people influenced by these idiotic skills. So now the market is getting conditioned by the manipulators that precious metals are going to correct when the debt ceiling is raised.

    Can you believe it.

    And here I am buying precious metals just because the debt ceiling will be raised. the fact PM's are rising because there is no deal is irrelevant for me.

    Miners, Miners - how pathetic.