Friday, June 15, 2012

Every Banker Gets A Ribbon On Field Day

Standards which had been established to make the world a safer place to do business by imposing reasonable reserve requirements are now going to be rescinded, which will enable the big banks of the world to continue contiue polluting our lives with fraud and corruption and enrich the bankers at the expense of everyone else:
International regulators are poised to ease a core element of new banking rules that were designed to improve the safety of the financial system...regulators say they now plan to make it easier for banks to comply with a key provision of new international banking rules that will require lenders to maintain sufficiently deep pools of safe, liquid assets  LINK
Regardless of how ugly the global economic/financial system gets, we will never have real reform until the big banks are allowed to collapse and the existing Governmental systems are destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.  We can start with the original Bill of Rights in this country.

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  1. LME buyout -
    Let the real games begin. - The power is shifting.