Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Presidency Has Become A Joke

As heads of government arrived in New York on Monday to attend the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama also made his way to Manhattan but to see a different group of world leaders: Barbara, Elisabeth, Joy,  Sherri and Whoopi...It bordered on scandalous that Obama, joined by the first lady, would make time to sit down with the women of “The View” even as he declined foreign leaders’ requests to meet with him one on one in New York this week.  - Dana Milbank, Washington Post   LINK
I get a kick out of everyone who thinks that they can make a difference by voting.  Clearly the majority of people in this country have never heard about the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court Decision, which essentially allows corporations and wealthy individuals the ability to spend an unlimited amount  of money to buy an election on behalf of the candidate that they want to control - including the President.  Google the case if you are interested in truly understanding why your vote is useless.

Rather than expounding on this, I would urge everyone to read this excellent analysis by Chris Hedges, in which he unwittingly and without reference proves with examples how the Citizens case has usurped democracy in this country:
You get the point. Obama is not in charge. Romney would not be in charge. Politicians are the public face of corporate power. They are corporate employees. Their personal narratives, their promises, their rhetoric and their idiosyncrasies are meaningless. And that, perhaps, is why the cost of the two presidential campaigns is estimated to reach an obscene $2.5 billion. The corporate state does not produce a product that is different. It produces brands that are different. And brands cost a lot of money to sell.

You can dismiss those of us who will in protest vote for a third-party candidate and invest our time and energy in acts of civil disobedience. You can pride yourself on being practical. You can swallow the false argument of the lesser of two evils. But ask yourself, once this nightmare starts kicking in, who the real sucker is.
Here's the LINK

You can go ahead and get all hot and bothered by the upcoming election and have your self-rationalized reasons why you support either candidate, but also know that it doesn't matter which candidate wins and which party is in control.  Therefore your vote is meaningless.  Anyone who criticizes those of us who are on voter strike has no knowledge or understanding of the facts as they now exist in our system.


  1. 1) so how much will the networks make on this election?

    2)the dumbing of America is in full force.

    3) I personally was saddened when the President, on Letterman, said there is demand for US Treasuries because of the high investment demand. Investment demand created by QE and the Fed. Oh and primary dealers.

    it is an understatement to say we are in trouble.Sort of "A clear and present danger"

  2. China Granted Exclusive Rights to Explore N. Korea's Resources

    North Korea's joint-venture enterprise committee has given China permission to explore North Korea's underground resources.
    China's state-run Dongbei Exploration Group will provide the funding and infrastructure necessary to explore and map the locations of North Korea's resources
    and China will have the exclusive right to explore North Korean land.
    China's Ministry of Commerce approved the plans last week and the project is expected to begin in the near future.
    For now, the deal is confined to exploration rights, but concerns are mounting that China will also be granted exclusive rights to develop North Korea's resources down the line, giving them an even heavier upper-hand over global competitors.

  3. by the way, what this also tells us is that the sliding majority that do pay taxes have meaningless votes. I am thinking of mostly the upper middle class--not the 1% and not the 47%, and probably not the lower end of the middle class.

    The parties and candidates scramble for the lower 2/3 of america cause thats really how they get elected.

    And this cost of campaigning. plus the PAC's etc is way out of control. Thank heaven I am in Illinois (even though outside Cook Cty) because the political calls and e mails are already beyond belief, I cannot imagine if I was in Ohio

  4. ..."why you support either candidate"...
    There is a candidate on 47 state ballots +DC (forced to litigate last 3) that is not Obamney. Just saw Gary Johnson on the ASU campus and you should consider him.

    1. My point is that elections don't matter. Not even local. My other point is that all voting does is express your support and affirmation for a system that is completely broken.

      We need change and at this point change will only occur through some kind of revolution.

  5. Dave...don't you wanna just say "Fuck you" and vote for Gary Johnson anyway? Just a teeny bit?

    1. Nope. He's not electable. Voting is the voter's support for a system that is completely broken. I don't believe in our system anymore and therefore refuse to express support for it by voting.

    2. I have never heard a politician talk about voting making the process legitimate. Maybe a politician somewhere said that, but what actually makes the system legitimate is paying taxes.

      Since you are bright and think for yourself, the major party politicians are thrilled you don't vote, as your vote would likely go to a principled 3rd party candidate.

      The participation they care about is you paying taxes. If you pay income tax or your landlord pays property tax, then you are making the system legitimate.

      As long as you continue paying taxes, the beatings will continue.

  6. And this guy wants us to believe in Obamacare ? Come on , for real ! Admit it Obama , it's really just one giant tax and a whole lotta government control over the people.

  7. United States House of Representatives
    Committee on Financial Services
    Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy
    Hearing on
    "The Price of Money: Consequences of the Federal Reserve's Zero Interest Rate Policy"
    September 21, 2012

  8. Dave - always enjoy your comments -- and am right there with you on the whole corrupt Federal Government viewpoint. However, Citizens United vs. the U.S. Government -- isn't all about large corps. donating money to political campaigns. Most business and corporations are mom & pop... this lawsuit was about leveling the playing field when it comes to UNIONS donating to political parties. I don't think there is a serious political savy 'pundit' would who say that Citizens United comes close to the clout that the UNIONS have.. and have had for decades.
    Will Federal Elections solve our problems? Absolutely NOT! Federal Elections were never intended as a path to reform a corrupt central government. The founding fathers talked about this in plain terms.. so did the Statesmen during the ratification debates after the Constitution was ratified. If you are interested in learning about what they said....

  9. Dave, Generally I agree with you, but why would they spend $2.5 billion if your vote did not matter at all?...Ron Paul and Gary johnson are out there electable if enough people would just vote for them and if we would have a legitimate count....I know in the end the Rep. or Dem. policies are about the same...but to the winners still go the political spoils,jobs, contracts.....That's our system and if you read back into the 1800's it has been this way for awhile, Citizens United or not....

  10. Yep, screw voting and screw democracy. Besides voluntarily participating in your own enslavement at the hands of some sociopathic parasite who feels he knows better than you do how your affairs and your life should be governed, voting legitimizes the entire sordid affair by lending it a credibility it does not deserve. And screw democracy since it amounts to nothing more than the tyranny of the majority (or like the saying goes: democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what's for dinner). Give me a republic founded on the rule of law, any day.

    If you don't believe this pig, refresh your memories with this 3 minute clip from the best comedian/social-commentator that America has ever known, George Carlin. You think George is onto something?

  11. I've voted in every election since 1976, including the primaries. Not this year. Even voting for a 3rd party candidate legitimizes the process. Look at what is happening to retail in the stock market. People are voting with their feet and choosing not to participate in a crooked game. It is no different in the electoral process. I'm withholding my vote as it really does not matter.

  12. Apart from the fact that it was/is good for a little correction in metals to get back to oversold conditions for fuel - here is a very good reason for gold's levels to be defended by the sellers of options. Wondering how many buyers took advantage of the fall below 1750 and by how much the savings on the options created other demand not to be seen again in the system. Would be great if someone could do that calculation, someone close to the physical scene!

    We can bet that 1750 level will be gunned.

    This created the best entry for those who missed the boat at the QE3 announcement. The same level was around 1735.

  13. Dave - (unrelated)a while back, I had a epiphanny regading the Corzine scandal. Just a matter of connectiing obvious dots, dots I'd not heard anyone connect before.

    Corzine bio: Head of GS > NJ Senator > Gov NJ > MF Global Heads smallish brokerage to try take control of it and turn it into a hdedge fun vehicle.

    This man has super elite connections in both politics and finance.

    His trade of choice: He makes a huge bet on the crappiest bonds in Europe being bailed out.

    One could argue that bettig on volatile/risk funds it dumb, and many folks said just that.

    But who is John Corzine? A dumby? No, he's a super connected political power eite who it just so happenns is now able to trade on all the insights/tips and information he's gaining from these associations.

    And how does he trade/bet? He bets big on some of riskiest sovergien bonds in europe, the PIIGS. Why did he do this bet? If he is informed as I imagine he his, he got very good inside information that there be QE to save his bonds.

    Corzine, is in a way, a canary in the moral hazard coal mine.

    Using all his connections, he determines he will make the most money by betting on 'money printing'.

    He failed, apparently becuase of timing/collarter missmatch.

    Our best/brightest/most imformed make hugely public moral hazzard trade.

  14. The point in voting for someone like Gary Johnson is that if he gets a significant minority it can force the hand of the republicans in the next election to adopt some of those types of ideas. You would certainly not vote for him to try to win the election because even he knows that’s not possible.

  15. Dave I couldn't agree with you more.
    When I vote, I vote with my wallet, just as the banks and corporations do, (though their collective wallet is much better than mine). And the people vote with their wallets too - they vote for the brand that speaks to their perceived self interests.
    But I contend that I vote a bit more pragmatically.
    Every chance I get (which I haven't had many lately) I buy physical gold and silver. Every purchase is a vote for sound money. Every purchase is a vote to chip away at the oligarchy of the CONfidence scam of fiat money. Every purchase is a vote for the people who vote of like mind, to help bring about an end to "wealth and power by decree".

    Every purchase is a vote for meritocracy and individualism, something that Wall Street and Madison Avenue have not yet branded, and never will.

    And those who get lathered up over my "failure to do my duty" can kiss my fucking A$$ all the way to the fiat bonfire they have elected to throw themselves upon with their "all-in" 401 K and stock purchase suicide.

    When I vote for sound money with my purchase, I feel deeply patriotic to a form of nationalism that has been lost to the masses, but dear to my principles, and I too chuckle at the idiocy, and the hilarity of a world that you must ultimately laugh at to tolerate.

    Time proves all ....

  16. Peter Schweitzer: Crony Capitalism is Yielding Compromised Policy and Terrible Economics (video)
    Crony capitalism is compromising policy and the economy. In the United States now, the city with the highest per capita income in America is Washington, DC. They passed Silicon Valley last year. Seven of the ten wealthiest counties in America are counties that border Washington, DC. Government is big business. There is serious money to be make. That is leading a lot of young and talented people into influence-peddling. And it is changing the entire incentive structure. Look at hedge funds, for example. Funds that invest in lobbyists and make a lot of campaign contributions consistently outperform hedge funds that don't. It's not because they're smarter – it's because they're getting access to information in terms of legislation or trends that gives them a leg up. It is distorting the entire nature of our free-market economic system.

  17. Charlie Rose Questioned on Bilderberg Attendance

  18. A Culture of Delusion
    But success as a whore is about the only kind of success that can occur in Washington or in the media these days. Those who refuse to prostitute themselves arouse pity and denunciation, not admiration. A couple of years ago an acquaintance from a university in the northeast called me to say he had recently had lunch with some of my former associates in Washington. When he inquired about me, he said the response was, “Poor Craig, if he hadn’t turned critic, he would be worth tens of millions of dollars like us.”

    I replied that my former associates were undoubtedly correct. My acquaintance said that he hadn’t realized that he was having lunch with a bunch of prostitutes.

    The incentive to speak the truth and the reward for doing so are very weak. And not just for a writer, but also for academics and experts who can make far more money by lying than by telling the truth. How else would we have got GMOs, jobs offshoring, the “unitary executive,” and a deregulated financial system? It is a very lucrative career to testify as an expert in civil lawsuits. It is part of America’s romance with the lie that experts purchased by the opposing sides in a lawsuit battle it out as gladiators seeking the jury’s thumbs-up.

    And look at Congress. The two members of the House who stood up for the Constitution and truth in government will soon be gone. Ron Paul is stepping down, and Dennis Kucinich was redistricted out of his seat. As for the Senate, these thoughtful personages recently voted 90-1 to declare war on Iran, as the sole dissenter, Rand Paul, pointed out. The Senate is very much aware, although only a few will publicly admit it, that the US has been totally frustrated and held to a standoff, if not a defeat, in Afghanistan and is unable to subdue the Taliban. Despite this, the Senate wants a war with Iran, a war which could easily turn out to be even less successful. Obviously, the Senate not only lies to the public but also to itself.

  19. Builders put home buyers into credit boot camp

    The buyers then get mortgages from the builders' own, in-house lending arms.

    But consumer advocates say there is an obvious conflict when doling out financial advice. Instead of helping prospective customers maximize wealth, advocates say builders' advisors could be trying to suck as much money as possible out of buyers' pockets.

    "What it does is create a captive consumer where the builder can charge a lot more," said Douglas Miller, executive director of Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate, a nonprofit.

    Homebuilders are often helping buyers get government-backed loans that require no down payment, or a low down payment, so taxpayers could be on the hook if buyers can't repay their mortgages. Some consumer experts fear that, just five years after the biggest housing meltdown in generations, builders are up to their old tricks again.

    "You have people applying for loans that there's no way they can pay, but it doesn't matter because the ability to repay isn't the basis of the loan. It's the ability to pass underwriting so the loan can be sold," says Washington, D.C.-based bankruptcy attorney, Brett Weiss.

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  21. We are so Screwed Dave

    Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone

  22. How Crony Capitalism (Or The 'Undiluted Lunacy' Of The Fed) Corrupts The Free Markets

    "This is the final abomination" is how David Stockman begins his epic rant on the Federal Reserve and crony capitalism in this clip. The "undiluted lunacy" of their actions prompted him to address the Fed's decision to "print ourselves to death" by saying "this has gone too far, it's street-fighting time" as he decides, instead of the erudite philosophical view of how capitalism is being destroyed by statist philosophies of one type or another, to launch into a full-strength tirade about The Fed. For starters, "The Fed is being run by the single most-dangerous man ever to hold high office in the history of the United States, "as he opines that Bernanke is more dangerous than Geithner, Greenspan, Summers, Hank Paulson all put together. Must watch...

    "Bernanke is so bad that we should wish to return to the age of Marriner Eccles in 1935 - a fiscal Keynesian who believed that money-printing would fuel speculation and inflation; if the government were going to rob the people, it should do it the honest way - through taxes"

  23. all hands on deck.. I am doing my part to get these fuckers and close Gold above 1780 for the week and month...Even if I have to trade 1 contract over and over....