Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Post-Election Humor

Now that it's safe to re-start our frontal lobes and put the torture of election season behind us, this Chris Rock vignette from Jimmy Kimmel is priceless:

By the way, for everyone who knows and understands that Dennis Gartman is the perfect contrarian indicator for gold - i.e. when he's selling, it's the perfect buy entry and when he's buying, it's time to take profits - he added another nice entry to his contrarian track record:  yesterday morning he went on record calling for big Romney victory.  I believe he used the term "landslide."  Even the proverbial "broken clock being right twice a day" has a better predictive track record than Gartman!!!!


  1. Good call on the winner of the election... GOLD.

    1. I also enjoy the guy from FFT or That guys is insanely accurate and calls many things like the 2008 elections, this election, stockmarket crashes before they happen.

      This video is funny, yet so true. Gartman is a joke. Better off listening to people who know what they are talkinga bout. Which is not many these days.

  2. Fuck you American WAR CRIMINALS and FINANCIAL FRAUDSTERS ...WHATEVER the color of your useless hides may be!

  3. LOL I missed seeing Gartman say that. I continue to be amazed that they keep him around. Even more amazing is that he hasn't realized his own track record.

  4. The S&M Election

    I learned at the age of 10, when I was shipped off to a New England boarding school where the hazing of younger boys was the principal form of recreation, that those who hunger for power are psychopathic bastards. The bullies in the forms above me, the sadistic masters on our dormitory floors, the deans and the headmaster would morph in later life into bishops, newspaper editors, college presidents, politicians, heads of state, business titans and generals. Those who revel in the ability to manipulate and destroy are demented and deformed individuals. These severely diminished and stunted human beings—think Bill and Hillary Clinton—shower themselves, courtesy of elaborate public relations campaigns and an obsequious press, with encomiums of piety, patriotism, devoted public service, honor, courage and vision, not to mention a lot of money. They are at best mediocrities and usually venal. I have met enough of them to know.
    “Anyone who wants to rule men first tries to humiliate them, to trick them out of their rights and their capacity for resistance, until they are as powerless before him as animals,” wrote Elias Canetti in “Crowds and Power.” “He uses them like animals and, even if he does not tell them so, in himself he always knows quite clearly that they mean just as little to him; when he speaks to his intimates he will call them sheep or cattle. His ultimate aim is to incorporate them into himself and to suck the substance out of them. What remains of them afterwards does not matter to him. The worse he has treated them, the more he despises them. When they are no more use at all, he disposes of them as he does excrement, simply seeing to it that they do not poison the air of his house.”

    Our masters rely on our labor to make them wealthy, on our children for cannon fodder in war and on our collective chants for adulation. They would otherwise happily slip us rat poison. When they retreat into their inner sanctums, which they keep hidden from public view, they speak in the cold words of manipulation, power and privilege, words that expose their visions of themselves as entitled and beyond the reach of morality or law.

  5. Marc Faber's Asset Protection Plan: "Buy A Machine Gun", No Really, "You're Right, Buy A Tank"

    Trish Regan and Adam Johnson do their best to hold themselves together in this sublime rant by 'Gloom, Boom & Doom's Marc Faber on Bloomberg TV as he sees Obama's re-election as "very negative for the economy". From his view that the market should be down at least 20% - and maybe 50%, to the implied ignorance of both of the candidates, he believes fervently that the "standards of living of people in the western hemisphere will continue to decline." Faber views Obama's re-election as one of many unintended consequences of market manipulation (since Democrat attacks on the wealthy were 'enabled' by their profiteering from Bernanke's money printing) and sees the need to protect one's assets "with a gun, a machine gun... or perhaps a tank." He concludes with a stunner as he exclaims his view doubting Obama will make it through the whole four-year term because "there will be so many scandals" since "there is so much smoke, there must be some fire!"

    The pre-amble is useful and well worth listening to as Faber describes exactly what is occurring in the world...

    The good stuff begins around 7:30 as Faber goes Baumgartner... and gives the Bloomberg hosts a taste of reality we suspect they have not heard from their run-of-the-mill portfolio manager sheep guests...

  6. A MUST watch - Illumicorp: Matt Anderson's dark NWO parody. This should make your skin crawl. Yikes!

  7. Max Keiser talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland about Germany's gold

    In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland about Germany’s gold, JP Morgan’s shorts, Bart Chilton’s ‘investigation’ and whether or not Brown’s Bottom was actually a way to cover up a shortage of gold in London