Sunday, December 30, 2012

While "The Cliff" Approaches, Congress/All Federal Workers Get A Nice Pay Raise

According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he'll now make $231,900 per year.  (link below)
While most of us watch in complete disgust as our leaders in Government grandstand and play politics before inevitably kicking the can down the road on meaningful fiscal reform, Obama signed an Executive Order this weekend mandating nice pay raises for all Federal employees.   Think about that the next time you are in a Government office waiting for some moron to finish up his/her personal phone call before to do their job and help you:  Obama Orders Federal Pay Hikes 

I suggested about a month ago that the "Cliff" issue would be settled and that spending and debt borrowing would continue to increase at an accelerating pace.  Next up, either a large increase in, or total elimination of, the debt limit ceiling.

To hear some Truth about this whole situation, take the time to listen to what outgoing Congressman, Ron Paul had to say on CNBC on Friday:


  1. what's the beef-it's "only" about 1.5 billion in base pay--

    in our faces, baby, in our faces

  2. US Whistleblowers on Being Targeted by the Secret Security State

    The pivotal moment for her was when she realized the Justice Department was concealing work on the case from her. A judge had issued a court order for all communications but only handed over two of her emails. She went to a hard copy file to look for her emails, which included an assessment that the FBI had committed an ethics violation in its interrogation and torture of Lindh. Those emails were missing.

    “My heart sank,” Radack states. “I literally felt sick. They were seeking the death penalty for this person and the relevant evidence had not made it to the court, evidence that would have a bearing on whether or not his confession would be admissible against him.”

    She was eventually able to recover the missing emails. Under the Whistleblower Protection Act, which ultimately gave her no protection, she handed over evidence of misconduct and wrongdoing to Newsweek. She had no idea what would happen as the ”full force of the entire Executive Branch of the United States government” was unleashed.

    Radack was forced out of her job at a private law firm, fired from another job after the government told them she was a criminal, placed under criminal investigation but never told what for and no charges were ever brought against her, referred to a state bar based on a secret report that she didn’t have access to, which made it very hard to fight the secret charges and she was put on a “No Fly” list.

    The experience led to her deciding to dedicate her life to representing whistleblowers.

    All hell broke loose within the government” when Eric Lichtblau and James Risen wrote a story for the New York Times on the warrantless wiretapping program at the NSA. A criminal leak investigation was launched of which he became subject. FBI agents raided his home and applied immense pressure to him for two and a half years trying to get him to plead out. It was a nightmare.

    He concludes, “Besides fearing for the future of the United States I do fear the creation of a universal wiretap record of a person’s life—the ability to have vast access to databases and on the fly be able to profile anybody at anytime anywhere.”

  3. Ron Paul, one of the best presidents America will never know.