Monday, August 26, 2013

Bush, I Mean Obama, Picks Joseph Goebbels - I Mean Cass Sunstein - To Sit On NSA Ovesight Board

A couple years ago a good friend of mine started referring to Obama jokingly as "Bitler" - as in "Black Hitler."  I'm not so sure he was off base there when you read about Obama's latest appointment to his  Third Reich - I mean his administration.  Here's the latest and it needs no other commentary:  Heil Barack

It all has become so surreal in our country.  "Not here" everyone was raised to believe.  Well, it's here.

Wilkommen zu America  und veil Gluck


  1. Dave,

    I am scared to death we are beyond the point of no return. Neither party has any intention of righting the ship and truly want us to go down. It is unthinkable how bad things will get and hopefully people are prepared but
    I seriously doubt it...

  2. Your analogy is a bit ironic Dave, considering Sunstein is Jewish.

    1. Yup thought about that. He's clearly a neo-con. The neoconservative movement originated in Tel Aviv and Bush's administration was large neo-cons. Clearly Obama has picked up where Bush left off.

      It's truly frightening what's happened in this country.

  3. My opinion is just that, my opinion, but it looks to me like the game of musical chairs is coming to an end (has been for quite some time now), there aren't enough chairs remaining and it's a case of every man for himself. In other words, the good times, or the appearance of such by living off the national credit card for far too long, are receding into the past and now the chickens are coming home to roost. It's time to pay up, America. The noose is tightening, times are getting tougher and the rats are grabbing whatever is left, including power its consolidation.

    Want to see how low things can devolve? Consider, then, Haiti, Myanmar, Cuba or any one of a hundred other hellholes across Africa and the Middle East.

    Just my opinion.


    The masters of propaganda seem baffled that their standard operating procedures are not generating the expected response from the serfs. They have failed to take into account the generational mood changes that occur during Fourth Turnings. Propaganda loses its effectiveness in proportion to the pain and distress being experienced by the citizenry. Goebbels’ propaganda enthused and motivated the German people during the 1930s as Hitler re-armed, scrapped the Versailles Treaty and took over countries, as well as when he was conquering Poland and France in the early phase of World War II. Propaganda didn’t work so well when the U.S. Air Force was obliterating Dresden, Hitler was hunkered down in his bunker about to put a bullet in his skull, and the Russians were on the outskirts of a burning Berlin. Propaganda works when the people want to believe the falsehoods. When the cold harsh reality slaps them in the face, propaganda no longer works.

    The American Empire propaganda machine continues to gyrate but the gears are getting clogged with the gunk of mistruths revealed. Even the willfully ignorant masses are beginning to realize they have been screwed by those running the show. After five years of debt bankrolled “no Wall Street banker left behind solutions” and Keynesian crony capitalist handouts, real median household income is 8% lower, there are 5 million less full-time jobs, there are 19 million more Americans on food stamps, gasoline prices hover near all-time high levels, health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, local, state and Federal taxes relentlessly rise, and the national debt has gone hyperbolic – up by $6.7 trillion in five years.

  5. No generation during the long fall of the Roman Empire was really aware of it. Each generation accepted the conditions they inherited and worked to survive as best they could. And so it went for hundreds of years. The “fall of Rome” was obvious only to historians. It never really felt like falling.

    Europeans and Americans should know something about that. There have been no appreciable gains in real median household income in the U.S. since the mid-1970s. We work harder and longer for less. Two-income families are a necessity. Young people are full of angst about the future.

    As for Italy as a nation, the third millennium has been a disaster of unrelenting decline.

    Then and now, the same stuff dragged us down: massive public debt, bureaucracy, unsound money, imperial ambition, official corruption, parasitism, capital depletion, and, above all else, the exaltation of the rulers who loot and destroy over the ruled, who actually build and sustain civilization.

    I’ve been in Rome for a week attending an academic seminar, strolling the streets, meeting old friends, touring behind the scenes at the Vatican, and otherwise feeling the buzz amid the ruins and continuing struggle.

    Close up, you get a different picture. The official economy is failing, but the unofficial one is busier than ever.

    It’s so easy to forget that the economic life of our times is not found in the headlines, the big trends reported by international agencies, or the political trends of who is up and down.

    With wingtips on cobblestones, you see a part of economic life that these data do not reveal.

    Walk the streets in all directions of the Piazza Navona and what you find is a land of thrilling commercial activity. Money is exchanging hands in the manner of the ancient world, but the products are new. There are loads of so-called “pirate” goods — name-brand fakes that both buyer and seller understand are not the real thing. Forget credit cards. No one takes them. It’s a cash-only world.

    Actually, it’s not that different in the hundreds of bars and restaurants around the bustling parts of Rome. People don’t want plastic. Some take it, but dread it. Why? It all comes down to tax collection, regulation, and the massive apparatus of command-and-control that is modern politics. No one wants any part of it. If you can get away, you would be a fool not to.

    And there aren’t too many fools in Rome.

    The value-added tax is an angry bear, and an enterprise killer. It is enforced in the most wicked way. The tax police ride around in vans and pull up to the restaurants. They demand all records and check out whether the taxes are being enforced. I suppose it’s the Italian context here, but it seems more like a mob shakedown than public policy, and who can really tell the difference?

    The whole scene is a reminder of how little we actually know for sure about the structure of the world economy. Some estimates suggest that one-half to two-thirds of the workers of the world owe their jobs and livelihoods to the existence of the “informal sector.” That means, essentially, living and trading outside the officially approved ways.

    Anytime I talk to any Roman about politics, I ask the same two questions:

    1) What does the government do around here?

    The answer is always the same. It takes people’s money in whatever ways it can.

    2) What does the government do with the money?

    The answer is always the same. The money supports the politicians and bureaucracies.

  6. America now known as the fourth Reich. Yes by all means "Heil" to the commander and Chief.

  7. What really burns my ass, besides a big blow torch, is the fact that if Bush had done one tenth of what Obama is now doing, the cry of outrage across the land would be deafening. Call me overly suspicious, but it is definitely peculiar how much a man can get away with if he places the label of "Democrat" in front of himself. I further believe that Obama's complexion, due to the nature of racial politics in America (both past and present), does him no harm.