Sunday, October 20, 2013

Broncos vs Colts: Take Denver And Lay The Points

Manning goes back to Indianapolis to deliver a Mile High butt-kicking and let the city know it was a mistake to get rid of him:

Denver wins 45 - 21.  Game is over by the end of the 3rd quarter.


  1. Dave,

    Don't quit your day job. LOL Wish I could have stayed up for the whole game, Looks like the Broncos made things interesting. It's obvious Peyton still has alot of juice left in the tank but it also looks like Luck is the real deal as well. I can hardy wait to watch my 0-6 Gmen tonight but it should be interesting to see what Hillis can bring to the table (if anything)


  2. I wish I had your enthusiasm for football, Dave, but the only pigskin I understand is that which is deep fried and hastens my exit from this world. Sorry.

  3. Nice call amigo, really nailed that one.

  4. I think you're like 0-6 on NFL predictions since I've been reading here. Better hops you're more accurate with your gold prognostications

  5. Great game... Payton engineered a classic comeback, and the Colts were real lucky the Broncs fumbled on the 3 yard line toward the end of the game, otherwise 7-0. No shame there! Perfect outcome for the Colt fans, they know how lucky they were, and how great Payton is!

  6. Oh, and how about those clutch catches by WW! Awesome!

    1. Catches by WW? I thought Walter White died?

  7. lol. peyton & the Broncos got their @sses handed to them. hope you are better at picking winning stocks than football teams.