Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Banana Ben [Bernanke] Strikes Again

I wanted to post this commentary in case anyone who regularly surfs this blog did not come across it in cyberspace.  The author's nickname of "Banana" in reference to Bernanke refers to the fact that the monetary inflation and Government debt levels in this country liken the United States to the "Banana" republics of Central and South America during the 1970's and '80's, before they collapsed economically and politically, consumed by hyperinflation, Government debt default and civil unrest:

The economic reality is that when a country owes a tremendous debt; it becomes less burdensome and easier to pay off under an environment where the currency is losing value. Of course the citizens of that same country become poorer while they are taxed without their consent through inflation. It is also true that the holders of that country's debt become victims as well.

Meet Banana Ben Bernanke

The best chance an individual has to survive the pernicious policies of Banana Ben is to move as much cash as possible into physical gold, silver and mining stocks.  Do not use GLD or other paper investments as your method of investing in gold and silver - they are paper traps.

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