Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Must-Watch Primer On Gold vs. Paper Currencies

"Why gold?" you ask. This video will be somewhat redundant for investors who already understand why gold does what gold does and why it's been a 5000 year store of wealth.  But this is an excellent 5 minute explanation of how and why gold functions to preserve your wealth/purchasing power and why gold is the ultimate hedge against the daily erosion in value of the U.S. dollar (my friend and colleague Jesse of brought this video to my attention):


  1. Dave,
    Nice video!

    Did you catch Jesse's post today on empirical reasoning? As a scientist I loved it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Usually he emails me when he posts. He's a bright guy who likes to "tinker" with data and things - like fixing his sink instead of calling a plumber LOL.

    Watching CU/W Va. game in ESPN. CU is a 17 point underdog and is only down 4 midway thru the 3rd.

  3. MONSTER NFL Sunday this weekend. I love the pure competivness this year!

  4. I'm ALMOST looking forward to the Monday night game as I am the Bronco/Cowboy's the other must-watch game:

    Jets/Saints (the over/under must be 80 LOL)

    Titans/Jags should be interesting too

  5. Hi getyourselfconnected,

    As a scientist, aren't you troubled by the attempt to use empirical reasoning in economics?

    I thought that was easily one of Jesse's worst. Its OK to say we don't know. I've always thought admitting uncertainty and ignorance is far better than the alternative, thrust upon us by mainstream economics - conclusions couched in the faulty premises of faux empiricism.

    "and a willingness to accept new data and act on it when it appears, even if it appears contrary to a current working hypothesis."

    The use of the word "act" is the scariest thing he has ever written, and the essence of much of the failing of contemporary, mainstream


    "Finance, business and Trading" is not economics, so he really lost me in the second half of the article. They can't punt, they must act. But they aren't economics.


    Hi Dave,

    Do you ever read FOFOA's blog? I'm curious about you take on it?

    Cheers mates!

  6. JR, the only science that's less precise than economics is medicine LOL...

    I have not been in the FOFOA blog, but I just pulled it up and will browse over it.

    Dave "In Denver"