Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Country For Old Men...

"People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn't believe in that. Tomorrow wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there" ("The Road" by Cormac McCarthy).

This country needs to take care of its problems today. It is getting worse by the hour. In Colorado, public school teachers are going to face up to 17 days of furloughs next year. The State was trying to keep this a secret but an incompetent high school prinicipal let the cat out of the bag and concommitantly the fact was confirmed on NPR radio last week. The Jefferson County school district is facing a $42 million budget shortfall and deep cuts will be made to the educational protocol, but not to the incompetent bureaucracy that oversees the mess - nor to the incompetent politicians overseeing the incompetent administrators. Foreclosure filings in Colorado hit a new record during the 3rd quarter and Colorado has one of the stronger State economies. Nationwide over 14% of all mortgages were either delinquent or in foreclosure. A new record high for the 9th consecutive quarter. In some States the foreclosure/delinquency rate is over 20%.

Conditions in this country are getting worse for everyone except those in position to loot the system. Tim Geithner gets in front of Congress and ignorantly and arrogantly proclaims that he and Obama saved the system from collapse and that economic conditions are improving. THAT is an outright lie.  Real unemployment (not the Government-concocted crap numbers) increases daily, banks are jacking credit card rates to usurious levels and thereby choking off holiday shopping and State Governments are in the process of financially collapsing - all this after trillions of "stimulus" and bank bailout money was injected into the system. The reality is that Geithner and Obama have transferred 100's of billions of dollars from the Taxpayers to the big banks and big corporations. Does everyone realize that there's a tax break which gives new homebuilders billions in tax credits buried in the Bill that extended unemployment benefits and homebuyer tax credits?

Taking care of today means getting rid of Geithner, Bernanke, Summers and most of the rest of Obama's corrupt Administration. Until that happens, the problems are getting worse by the hour for everyone except the big bankers, who are getting paid record bonuses this year to do "God's work."  The only problem is that the money being used to pay those bonuses is coming from the Taxpayers. If Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is doing "God's work," as he so proudly proclaimed last week, what is it exactly that Obama is doing?  Should we be pledging allegiance to the United States of Goldman Sachs, one Nation under Llyod Blankfein? Is this what everyone who voted for Obama voted for?  Obama ran on a campaign platform that was supposed to clean this mess up, get rid of the corruption, and CHANGE the way DC operates.  Instead, he's taken the problems perpetuated by many previous Administrations and is making them even worse.  Maybe this is No Country For The Middle Class...


  1. I second everything Dave wrote. Great writing!

  2. Yo gyc. Thanks! I may not get any sleep tonight ahead of Broncos/Chargers. Looks like we have to live w/Simms at QB...Pats seem to have trouble w/the Jets, but they should win.

  3. Yeah, but who do you replace them with? Surely not the likes of McPain (mr. amnesty), or McPalin (ms headspace), or Romel from Mass (mr. state run heathcare socialist), or Huckelberry (mr. church and state), oh wait aren't these all Republicans?? Yeah, but Republicans In Name Only (RINO). What we need are a new batch of fresh, freedom-loving conservatives...the likes of Ron Paul and Judge Napalatano (not Janet that witch!) Before we kick out the latest batch of crooks, not figure out who we want to replace them. And PLEASE this time let's not let the NEO-con crooks like Bush replace them. We'd be even WORSE OFF then.

  4. If McDaniels can effectively make a short controlled passing game plan (like he used for Matt Cassel last year) then I think the Broncos can blunt the Chargers rejuvenated defense and bleed time off the clock as well. I think the Chargers will try and put a knockout punch on early, so if Denver gets out of the 1st quarter down 3 or 7 I think they have a good chance. No Orton certainly hurts a ton.

    I am hoping the Jets leave Revis on Moss one on one (they said they will) as this Pats offense is nothing like the week 2 version the Jets saw a while ago.

  5. You want public education furloughs, come to Hawaii. We are the pioneers in this department. Every child left behind!

  6. Denver Dave-- the only chance the Broncos have is if Helicopter Ben and Geithner drop a boatload of dollar bills and bullshit on Phillip Rivers' head.

  7. so much for change we can believe in and transparency.

    Please do not forget the saturday nite in your face trash talk votes by congress to pass 2000 page undeciferable legislation (or at least move down the road) introduced 3 days earlier that was passed in senate for discussion with the 60 votes made possible by buying the Louisiana vote.

    Wonder how the states will fare financially with the new health care pushdown in cost. Or how much more broke can you get?

    not to worry--the system will not last the three years til afte rhte next presidential election when healthcare Obama and Rahm style is started up.

    we better stay awake through this--it's gonna be a doozie.

  8. @Rodd, gyc: I love the NY Post. Sports cover headline in reference to Pats/Jets match-up: SPY vs. CRY...ROFLMAO...

    As for Broncos, I am approaching this game with no expectations. In order to win, Denver's defense needs to play up to their full potential and McD is going to have to pull some rabbits out of his hat w/regard to scheming with Simms at QB. I think the game is winnable, but I'm not expecting that as the outcome. I thought long and hard about scalping a ticket to the game because Mile High will as loud as it's been all year. At least as long as the game is close.

  9. Dave,
    rough day in football, man I hate San Diego!

  10. @gyc. Chris Simms is a complete waste of a roster spot. A lot things went right for Denver on its 6-0 start. A lot things going wrong for them right now. Net-net, Chargers have a slightly tougher remaining schedule. Denver needs to get it's shit together now if it wants to make the playoffs.

    Helps a bit to watch Cutler play like crap.