Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama Wants Greater Government Control Of The Internet

Oh what a tangled Orwellian Web your President weaves.  Just a few days ago Obama was in China lecturing and admonishing the Chinese about internet censorship (this from the man who has asked for a "kill switch" on the internet).  Now this as reported in yesterday's Wall Street Journal (Article Link):   "Federal regulators are considering whether the government should take greater control of the Internet and ask consumers to pay higher phone charges in order to provide all Americans with cheaper access to broadband Internet service."

Obama is further demonstrating that he is NOT what his supporters voted for and everything his opponents feared when they voted for his opponent.  His Presidency is taking this country deeper into economic Hell and deeper into what will be an irreversible Orwellian abyss. 

I would urge everyone to send emails to protest to their respective House Rep and BOTH Senators.


  1. Higher bills for more widespread internet access? As if anyone does not have it?

    The control aspect does make me uneasy, but then I am uneasy most of the time!

  2. Hey gyc. Watching the Okie St/CU game on ESPN and getting ready to watch Bill Murphy on Bloomberg Asia w/Bernie Lo.

    Everything Obama does makes me uneasy, especially not firing Geithner.