Thursday, August 5, 2010

MIssouri Gives Obama The Middle Finger

By a nearly 3-to-1 margin, Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected the mandatory healthcare provision of King Obama's healthcare legislation.  I will link the relevant articles, but I view this as yet another indication - aside from the fact that Obama's approval rating is at a record low for any President at this point in his term - that the American people will hammer the Obama agenda at the polls this November.  Here's the news link: Healthcare referendum: Obama Gets Hammered

Here's some interesting data compiled by FoxNews (for the record, I normally refuse to use Fox as a source for information, but this is pure numerical data).  Keep in mind that the registered party split in Mizzou is roughly 50/50:  Yes 667,680/No 271,102;  Total Republican primary votes cast: 577,615; Subtract the Republicans from the "yeses"...and you have 90,065 "yeses" that came from non-Republicans - most of those "yeses" came from Democrats.  Here's the link:  Take THAT Obama.

What would be even more interesting to me is if States would place ballot referundums contesting the entire healthcare legislation this November.  I believe that, other than in the heavily-dependent welfare/entitlement States like California, New York and Illionois, that voters would overturn this piece of garbage legislation. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how the general vote plays out in November, but my view right now is that there will be voting backlash against Obama that will be even more overwhelming that one we saw against Bush in 2006/2008.


  1. So you will vote for republicans for next change in autumn, right? :-)

    What is your opinion on dollar when USA attack Iran? Seems China and middle east countries agree with war, therefore no country will dump dollars then.

  2. I'm glad to see this. I read an earlier version of the health care bill which had implied rationing of care, higher taxes on young people, and a creep toward government control of all medical care, among other problems.

  3. I'm agnostic on any opinion as to whether the U.S./Israel will attack Iran. I'd be surprised, given Iran's economic alliances/partnerships with China/Russia.

    We got bigger problems than bullion bank gold/silver manipulation and a corrupt Govt in this country if there is an attack "The Road."

  4. If Israel attacks Iran or we do, it will be game over for the US.

    Besides that who, How, or what is going to pay for it. I am still wondering how the hell we are still paying for the other wars we are currently in. Funny how those are not talked about on the MSM these days. But rest assured the American Idol contestants are the top topic.

  5. It does not matter what the people vote for. The 10 amendment movement is finally getting it that having a fight that is state v feds (in fed court) the state will loose.

    Mike Church is right, we need a constitutional convention.

  6. Forget it, the Missouri supreme court will just say health care is a "human rights" issue and thus cannot be on a ballot or some other crap. This stuff is all making me so ill.

  7. Agree GYC. I've gotten over being ill about what's going in this country and am trying to just enjoy myself for as long as possible before it makes sense to leave.

    What is making me more ill is that Elvis Dumerville tore a pec in camp yesterday and it looks like he'll miss the whole damn season.

  8. Dave, are you serious!!!
    He just signed that huge contract! Oh man, that would suck. That guy is a monster. I am sorry dude, ouch. At least your secondary will be better than the patriots, my high school's is!

    Yes, you know I do enjoy when I can. I may have a very interesting cook this weekend, but you will have to stay tuned.

  9. SofaKing thinks that a Constitutional Convention would be the last time the "United" States would get together as a nation...after that I am guessing at least 3 but no more than 7 new Countries within the Old US of A. Can you imagine the Circus act the Convention would be? If you all haven't noticed, we are seriously lacking anything resembling Statesmen in this country.

    I'm with you Dave, in all reality, I should have bailed out of NYC a long time ago but I'm going to ride my business until either Taxes or the EPA kill it, I just have too much fun on the boats.

    Hey Dave, shuffling the IRA...want to get completely out of equities, for a while anyway, looking at either iAU or PHYS. I am a fan of Eric Sprott so I'm leaning in that direction but there was a rather terse article on Seeking Alpha against PHYS. Any insight? In all reality, I would love to move it all into Hard Assets but Uncle O! would take to much in the transition.

  10. I am SO proud of MO! The SHOW-ME State SHOWED HIM who still is in control of RIGHT and WRONG. DIE-HARD DEMS in MO HATE OBAMA and are SORRY they voted for him! St' Louis and Kansas City are FULL of WELFARE CASES who want-want-want and voted "NO". Rural Americans, HARD WORKING people who are common sense patriots voted "YES" on C and SCREW D.C.! COME ON NOVEMBER...MISSOURI is waiting for you...armed with votes against the DEMS. Lets hope Obama doesn't make all those illegals, voters before NOV.! STAND UP TO OBAMA, AMERICA!

  11. my wife just told me a federal judicial appointee just overturned Cali's proposition 8 as unconstitutional. add this to the recent severe restrictions placed on arizona's immigration reform bill and the rumors swirling around about an Obama August Surprise federal refinancing of the $800 billion of upside down mortgages across the nation due to be unveiled August 17 and your have a picture of a desperate pack of criminals pulling out all the stops to salvage the looming disaster of a catastrophic midterm congressional electoral defeat. meanwhile the derelict crew ,Orszag, Romer, Emanuel are all running for the lifeboats.

  12. anybody want to start a pool to guess when the federal govt will spend our money to bail out the public union pensions?

    And it will be ironic to throw paper at the schools and unemployed and the pension--then let social security go bk.

    FUBAR-the combo of being corrupt and inept too difficult to deal with.

  13. SofaKing: ignore the seeking alpha piece on PHYS. PHYS is the real deal. IAU is a fraud. Hell all you need to know is that the gold is safekept by the Comex LOL.

    To be honest, I would pay the 10% early cash-out penalty and liquidate your IRA and move the proceeds into gold/silver. I bit the bullet and did that in 2006, paying $600 for my gold and I think like $8 for my silver. How onerous is that 10% penalty looking now? LOL. And now that money is completely out of the system and free from any more taxation (I will unload the gold privately for cash or use it in barter - no taxes will be paid).

  14. GYC, let me know when you get pics of your BBQ posted.

  15. "an Obama August Surprise federal refinancing of the $800 billion of upside down mortgages across the nation due to be unveiled August 17 "

    If there is any truth to this...

    WHO IS GETTING BAILED OUT HERE? The people think it is them, but it is really the banks /entities who hold these mortgages on their balance sheets. THEY will be made whole. All the homeowner gets is the chance to keep making his payments to the banks instead of walking away. Will his loan be made recourse if he takes the money?

    Nothing comes for free.

    Just like the Greece bailout. All that happenned was banks were bailed out from having to write down that Greek debt and being declared insolvent.

    NO one will be allowed to fail and risk collapsing the web of finance. Debt and interest payments must not be interuppted!

  16. Hey Rothbard:

    that is what the govt could and perhaps should have done in first place--as crazy as it sounds--it gives the people something to be happy about and gets banks back on track,

    there is no clean way out of this.