Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quote Of The Weekend

So far in the first 19 months of Obama’s presidency he’s raised the national debt by $2.5260 Trillion. That’s more than all the debt combined from George Washington all the way to the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

That’s 200 years.

Warren Bevan LINK


  1. Dave,

    I recall Reagan running up 4 trillion in debt over his two terms. He was doing star wars and in the business of destroying the USSR. He also deregulated everything in sight. I was working for Western Electric when he broke up the benevolent Ma Bell.

    Joe M.

  2. That means we're RICH!!!

  3. Debt expansion is out of control, but is only equal to the fear by the populace that we may have to endure pain. Pain that is the cost of 40 years of excess. Until we are ready to endure the pain, politicians will avoid it at all costs.

    I believe that Obama had an oppty when he was elected in that the populace was fed up with wall street and politics, as usual, and was ready to take pain to see the ship turned around. But now, with many believing the worst is behind us, I believe the taste for pain is diminished, and an oppty lost. Obama turned out to be a false promise of change.

    BTW, Bush increased the national debt by six trillion. He also blew a tremendous oppty, and was in my mind the worst President in the history of our nation.

    Any way you slice, we're in trouble if we continue on this course of increased debt and spending.

  4. Joe, Reagan didn't run up the debt the congress did. In the case of Obama he has a Democrat congress and most of the excess spending was proposed by Obama as well as congress.

    The phony $4 trillion number tells me you actually have no clue. I assume you read it somewhere on a radical left wing blog. Do the research!