Friday, September 10, 2010

Time For Some Friday Fun!

Man, there's not a cloud in the sky here in Zeus' country - colorful Colorado.  I have a direct view of Pikes Peak from my trading desk, football season started, the Rockies are back in the playoff hunt and the silver market is about give JP Morgan a nitro-glycerine enema.  Sounds like an Iko Iko day to me.  Here's the Grateful Dead covering Iko at Giants Stadium with the Neville Brothers!  July, 10 1989.  Yes, I was at this show:

Have great weekend everybody!  GO BRONCOS!  Silver is getting ready to do a moonshot.


  1. Just to get back to the old nominal high of $50 would be awesome.

    Joe M.

  2. Not to ruin the festive posting Dave, but did you notice the double inverse Hindenburg omen on the 10 year! :)

  3. "Saints win defensive struggle" is not a headline I thought I would ever read!

    Good luck to the Broncos this sunday! I have a bad feeling about the Patriots.

    Keep the silver news on the down low man.....

  4. LOL Bill. I not a buyer of the Hindenburg Omen. Especially given all of the intervention now, technical patterns are irrelevant for the most part.

  5. LOL GYC. Sloppy game all around. Vikings will get better. Saints look good. Everyone seems to be high on the Packers and 49'ers.

    Pats are an aging team and Belichick is probably losing some of his discipline drive, like Shanahan did after so many years. AFC is wide open. Everyone is on the Raven's bandwagon now. I'd short the Ravens.

  6. I am LONG the Ravens for Monday Night!