Friday, February 25, 2011

Lazy Snowy Friday...

2nd round of club championships tomorrow morning at my tennis club...I have material for a post today and I may post something later.  In the meantime, everyone I'm sure can use a pre-weekend chuckle.  I posted this a few months ago but it still cracks me - I've got the translation below the video:

Here's what the Italian guy says:

"Che cosa?"  -  What?
"Tu sei un pazzo" -  You are a madman
"Va via di qui" -   Get out of here
"Sono stanco di te" -   I'm tired of you
"Pugno nella testa" -   I will punch you in the head
"Ti uccido con questa carne"  -  I'm going to kill you with this meat



  1. Thanks for all of your postings...I recall in a previous post that you mentioned you sold your home in 2004...was that because of the drop in housing that you saw coming? Do you believe it will bottom out in 2011, 2012, or hard to say? (I sold my home last year with a plan to buy back in at some point)

  2. Good luck! Are you a baseliner or a serve and volley type? I was a mini Stefan Edberg wanna be at the net. I sent you and email at your midas address.

  3. Hey gyc. Right now I'm just a serve hard and win any way I can type lol. I'm working on developing a style that will let me get to the net a lot more often. I'm left-handed so I have a really strong serve to the ad court.

  4. re: housing: I sold because I knew the market would tank hard. I bet the home I sold is down at least 30% from where I sold it.

    I don't see this bottoming for a long time. And then I think it will bounce along the bottom for a long time. There's too much inventory and to few buyers.

    When someone can tell me how our system will start putting people back to work and allowing another credit boom to happen, then I will think about whether or not housing can ever recover. I have been waiting for several years for someone to explain to me how we fix what is unfixable without a "do-over" and an extreme degradation of the lifestyle to which we've been accustomed for the last 50 years.

    I would not buy real estate under any circumstances for a long long time. Too many unknown variables people don't even think about like how much will they eventually raise property taxes. How expensive will insurance get, etc...

  5. Lazy friday...good read for those unfamiliar with how the great ones fleece us all...a little dated but interesting

    Comments of Thomas Peterffy
    Chairman and C.E.O., Interactive Brokers Group
    11 October, 2010

    In the U.S., the picture is not very different. Brokers internalize stock
    trades and put them up at the clearinghouse. They at least are supposed to
    provide best execution, but best execution is vaguely defined and poorly
    enforced. Brokers in the U.S. must post reports showing where they route their
    customers' orders. But do you suppose that brokers care what's reflected in
    those reports? They do not.
    It should be shocking, but it probably is not, that according to the Rule 606
    reports mandated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, no major
    online broker, with the sole exception of Interactive Brokers, sent more than 5%
    of its orders to an organized exchange. More than 95% of their orders go to