Thursday, February 17, 2011




  1. LOL. WTF is wrong with this guy?

  2. come on, you gotta save that vid for truly epic days.

  3. LOL What's with that vid? HAHA. Oh baby. That was funny. LOL yeah Boom Goes the Dynamite. Nice.

  4. I don't think you could have put up two more contrasting performances! LMAO!!

  5. WTF !

    SCAM ALERT? Irish Banks

    Now this ought to lead to some handcuffs:

    IRISH BANKS are issuing bonds to themselves under the Government guarantee to borrow cheaply from the European Central Bank and to avoid drawing more heavily on emergency lending from the Irish Central Bank.

    Four banks issued bonds worth €17 billion to themselves last month under the Government’s extended guarantee, the Eligible Liabilities Guarantee, to use as collateral to borrow from the ECB.

    That's raw money printing which is supposed to be illegal in the EU.

    It is identical to me printing up a $100 billion bond on my laser printer, putting my name on it as the issuer and the owner, and then saying "ok, I have $100 billion."

    No I don't. It's a circle jerk. I have nothing (well, ok, I have the value of one piece of paper!)

    Be aware folks. This entire mess - worldwide - is now circling the bowl as the handle has been pulled down.

    To the Irish: If you sit for this your nation will be destroyed. It is time to go Iceland - or Egyptian - on these clowns.

  6. LOL. That video is one of the funniest things on youtube, period. I was going to post the "boom goes the dynamite" video from Family Guy but it's inappropriate for some of my clients who read my blog LOL.

  7. Talking about boom goes the dynamite. Didn't know Denver was so dodgy geologically.

    Max Hardwood says:
    Something’s up: Yellowstone has been showing increased activity lately, not to mention Japan, and others. Not sure what is causing this geothermal activity, maybe because our solar system is aligned with galactic center, super-massive black-hole maybe exerting pressure on the planet? All I can say is, I live near Denver, Colorado, USA and I am within the 600 mile initial blast radius kill zone if Yellowstone blows.

    I think things are heating up , literally, on (or IN) the planet, and we may be close to some black swan event.

  8. I saw the silver move today and I was like "wish I had a lot of that". Oh, wait, I do!!!!!!!! HA!

    Love it.

  9. Man, that hurt, and i'm from indiana. seriously, that just hurts to watch. i am not sure if that guy cannot just read a teleprompter or if that was his first shot at the sports news...but boom goes the dynamite is right. loved silver's move. only another 1.3 on the GSR and then technical support is blown and it could be off to the races.

  10. wow...just watch silver go. make that another 0.41 lower on the GSR and we'll be through support and at 30-year lows.

  11. i hate to keep adding to this, but GSR went down to 42.36 today, so we'll have to watch and see if it moves convincingly lower, but this is interesting to watch.

  12. More on SDRG: looks like that criminal Hazout has been awarding himself cheap exercisable options, exercising them, and dumping the stock - the most recent sale reported yesterday: