Monday, March 21, 2011

A War We Can't Afford And Have No Constitutional Authority To Conduct

Does anyone besides me remember that part of Obama's "Change" campaign for the Presidency was predicated on restoring Rule of Law and adherence by our Government to the Constitution?  I remember it vividly.  Well once again Obama has proved to be as big, or bigger, of a liar as his predecessor. 

Let's look at the first and foremost reason that the U.S. should not be engaged militarily in Libya.  Who better to state the case than Congressman Ron Paul: 
A no-fly zone is an Act of War.  Now, what moral right do we have to participate in war activity against Libya?  Libya hasn't done anything to the United States.  They are not a threat to our national security.  There's been no aggression.  There's no Constitutional Authority for [Obama] to willy nilly go and start placing no-fly zones over countries around the world

Bottom line:  Obama has lied to us once again and he does not have Constitutional Authority to engage militarily against Libya.  Of course, the American public has been allowing the U.S. Government to ignore the Constitution for several decades now.  But between Bush and Obama, the remaining shreds have been used as, in Bush's words, toilet paper.

But this war is also about the U.S. economy and oil.  The former is an immediate gratification attempt to use war as a means to keep propping up our econmic system.  The latter is to keep Libyan oil flowing to Europe, so that Europe does not "crowd out" the U.S. need to for oil from all of the other sources (the U.S. imports very little oil from Libya but most of Libya's exports flow to Europe, especially Italy).

And the bottom-bottom line for this country, Constitution-be-damned as Presidential toilet paper - is that we are already fighting fraudulent wars of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan that are financially bankrupting our future.  I saw an estimate earlier that what is estimated to be a 3-month campaign will cost our taxpayers $9 billion.  Because we are running a massive deficit already, the cost of this war will end up being  financed with borrowed/printed money.  An unConstitutional war with no real purpose or provocation being waged by a country which can't even afford to pay for its own domestic spending habits.

Obama is digging a deeper grave for this country while he and his wife hob-nob around Rio de Janeiro in 5-star hotels, spending even more taxpayer money on ridiculous amounts of luxury and personal security.  The only Hope I have at this point is that someone like Ron Paul steps up in 2012 to get elected and really starts the long, painful road to reform and recovery. 

Please keep in mind that the timeless historical formula for the collapse of a great empire is fractional banking, fiat currency and global imperialism.  The U.S. is firmly on that path...


  1. Ron Paul campaigns very poorly. He comes off as a "tin foil hat" club founder. He rails against the Fed but never hits the nail on the head and says "the Fed is counterfeiting." Fed toilet paper has no collateral; no new tax receipts, no production behinf it, the Govt. stores and exchanges no product. The Fed and our govt. have stolen everything we have because they control the pricing machanism, and the very value, of our labor, our goods and our services. We have no store of value and no certainty for exchanging wealth, property, or our labor. The founding fathers understood this system we accept is a form of slavery.

    We need someone else. Not Ron Paul.

    We have to vote out every incumbent again just like 2010. We really accomplished alot but the GOP took our effort as a "mandate" to return to their own brand of theft.

    We gotta keep voting these theives out of office until they get the message.

    John Of R & I

  2. as i keep saying until we realize that the solutions we have lie outside of both the GOP and the DP, and some might argue outside of govt altogether, I suspect we might very well see the same blueprint that has worked over a large part of history.

  3. Didn't the UN say its ok for the no-fly zone and hence with the US being part of the UN they have an obligation to carry out the UN's directions. I won't go into the fact that the US probably persuaded the UN to do that but thats another matter. So, its not that the US is going to war with Libya, its the UN is and the US is part of the UN ?

  4. I feel like I live in the twilight zone. The index's all ended up 1.5% or higher on a day that this news was overlooked "Existing-Home Sales Plunge, Setback for Housing Recovery". Not a peep about it though. The market built on hopium continues to rally! I have 50% of my wealth in precious metals and mining stocks and I am starting to get nervous it is not going to be enough when the collapse happens. I don't know who is buying these stocks besides the Fed with our tax dollars but for those out there who are, may God help you.

    Link to housing below.

  5. I'm not so sure this is about oil. I think the "humanitarian mission" is just a convenient excuse to: a)get rid of a guy who won't be their puppet and b)give the politicians and bureaucrats an opportunity to use their power on someone new, by bombing them.

  6. re: the UN - my understanding is that this is a violation of international laws as well. Libya has not committed an act of aggression against any country. this is an illegal action any way you look at it...

  7. I definitely agree with you on this.
    Our guys are either stupid or crazy or liars or maybe even outer space aliens!

  8. $9/gallon pump prices in France=1st in to claim libya oil, case closed.

  9. Stop the reckless spending that has become President Obamas legacy. Force the fiscal discipline that Democrats just can't seem to grasp. Slash the military budget now or you are responsibl¬e for destroying our children's inheritanc¬e. Finally, it seems that we are all in agreement. War is just to expensive. Now, the Republican Party controls the senate and can slash our military budget.

  10. "The only Hope I have at this point is that someone like Ron Paul steps up in 2012 to get elected and really starts the long, painful road to reform and recovery."

    If you want this to happen, you should start doing the somewhat annoying work:
    1) go to your county GOP meeting every month
    2) play nice and talk about the defecit (nothing else)
    3) show up next year at caucus and make your voice heard for Ron Paul

    I am there every month. Please quietly join us!

  11. John of Randamp "We need someone else. Not Ron Paul"

    Who else has been more consistent in their defense of the constitution, sound money and personal liberty???

    Someone else ??? You've got to be kidding. Get a clue.

  12. great article on the situation: