Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Obama Spending Idea Fails - Badly

And the Taxpayers get to take on the financial burden.  Or at least the Taxpayers who have children and grandchildren get to let those poor souls pay for Obama's massively failed spending agenda.  First it was the healthcare legislation, which has made healthcare a LOT more expensive for all other than for those who qualify for free emergency room care because they can't afford healt insurance.  Then it was the $800+ billion stimulus program, which succeded in putting a lot of low-IQ people to work who stand around in bright orange vests and watch while one or two of their nicely compensated/benefitted colleagues work on putting in new gutters and curbs along streets that don't need them.  And now Obama's alternative energy program takes a big blow as Solyndra, a solar energy company that received over $500 million in taxpayer money, filed bankruptcy.  Here's the LINK

What I would love to know is how much the upper management of Solyndra paid itself from the time it got Obama's Taxpayer largesse donation and until it went into the tank.  Because what Obama's faithful see as Government programs designed to make the world a better place are nothing more than the massive transfer of public wealth into the pockets of the upper management at the private companies who get Government contracts and public union employees, without any offsetting economic benefit.  In fact, the only things Obama's grand designs have done for those who pay for them - the Taxpayer - has been the devaluation of the dollar and the massive increase in public debt.

Thanks Barack!  And I'm sure the enriched to CEO of Solyndra has thanked you with campaign donations.

On another note, in a move that is increasingly becoming a trend for China and its big trading partners, it looks like China is in the process using the China yuan instead of the dollar in its trade with African countries.  Here's the news report:  LINK  Anyone who thinks the dollar can't collapse because it has the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government is blind to reality.  Just look at the above report - why would anyone put "faith" in that Government?


  1. You nailed it, the beneficiary was an Obama campaign contribution bundler as reported by ABC news:

  2. R U surprised? Are any of us surprised?