Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Funnies: This Is Just Tremendous

Link: Rick Perry is masculine, but is he on the other team too?

I hope it's true too becaue Rick Perry is a jack-ass.  Everyone better hope and pray that Ron Paul can start gaining traction with the hoi polloi because otherwise it's four more years of having a Teleprompter for President that turns off and leaves the country or goes on vacation while the shit hits the fan.  I wonder where Michelle will take her entourage next courtesy of the Taxpayer...


  1. he'll just claim that Jesus saved him from his evil ways.

    supposedly Jesus can help gay men turn straight but he's not so good at fixing deficit issues? damn you Jesus! help us turn our debt into gold!

  2. (Dave)

    ROFLMAO. good one!

  3. If "they" (those running the show), want him (Perry) on the big throne, the story won't go anywhere, even if it's true.

    Obama, the long legged Mack Daddy, frequently had relationships with guys and drugs while living in Chicago, and most definitely still frolics in that demented world, somewhere. Maybe in the romantically, enchanting bowels of the WH basement?

  4. Ride'm cowboy!

    Let's pray?

    Perry once invested in firm that profited from porn

    By Aman Batheja | McClatchy Newspapers

    FORT WORTH, Texas — A 16-year-old investment by Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a firm that rented pornographic movies is drawing new scrutiny in light of his just-launched presidential campaign.

    Read more:

  5. 6 of 1 half dozen of the other?

    Saturday, August 20, 2011
    Why Should Goldman Sachs be "Home Free?"
    Washington's Blog has an excellent article about the shredding of documents by the SEC with background information that explains why document shredding is so important to those who has been implicated in the financial meltdown, including Goldman Sachs.

    The number one reason that the SEC got rid of some documents was to cover up fraud--no surprise to us where financial fraud coverups are endemic in the system.

    The article lists all the culpable parties including Bush, Negroponte, Geithner, Bernanke, Paulson, Summers, Rubin, Gramm, etc. Fraud caused The Great Recession and those who committed the fraud are free and wealthy.

  6. Yes, please get out and support Ron Paul. You can still donate to his birthday "bomb" at the Daily Paul .com

  7. Yes, please support Ron Paul !! You can donate to his birthday money "bomb" today at the Daily

  8. Dave - This used to be a great blog site that focused on PMs and domestic and global economics. Now you seem to focus a considerable amount of time ranting about any political personality that doesn't worship at the alter of Ron Paul. I think you'd sling $hite at Abraham Lincoln if he we running against Ron Paul. And no, I am not comparing Perry or Bachman or anyone else to Lincoln. You've also managed to attract a fan base that thinks bashing christians and jews, or anyone not actively lobbying for gay or lesbian causes, somehow contributes to serious economic discourse and debate. Here's a thought - why not let the war of ideas prevail, rather than just sling $hite and name call?

  9. Now this is getting interesting...

  10. (Dave)

    Anonymous - I don't worship Ron Paul and certainly has his warts. But do you have a better candidate to propose?

    And I don't like the bashing but I try to post all views unless they are too outright malicious.

    You can't discuss gold/silver without discussing politics/Govt unless we get rid of Government altogether, which might not be a bad idea (other than to fulfill basic needs like border defense and certain needs shared by all States.

  11. Dave - For the record, I like Ron Paul a lot and would vote for him given the chance. I just don't see him winning a primary. The field is not yet fully defined, and I am still open minded about who I would or could support. My larger point is that it seems that sometimes we're contrubuting to the debate when we resort to name calling. Ideas matter. Good ideas matter more.

    If it were up to me, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie would be in the race if no other reason than to keep some portion of the dialogue focused on the budget.

    And I agree, economics and politics are mutually inclusive. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't let politics into the discussion. I'm merely suggesting you/we do it in a way that contributed to the debate of ideas.

    With that said - I want to pay you a compliment. You've now posted three of my comments, unedited. I really can't ask for more than that. In the mean time gold is close to getting back over $1900 and silver is clinging to $43.50. All in all, I'd call it a good day!