Thursday, September 8, 2011

Follow-up On Obama's "Solargate"

I haven't seen anyone refer to it as "Solargate," but that's what it should be called. Last month I mentioned another massive Obama policy failure when a solar start-up called Solyndra took a dirt nap.  It turns out that Solyndra is controlled by George Kaiser, an Oklahoma-based zillionaire and huge monetary contributor to Obama's Presidency.  If you recall, Obama apparently pulled strings and went around legal protocol in order to give over $500 million in Taxpayer funding to Solyndra.

It also turns out that there's a direct connection, despite denials, between Kaiser and Obama and this $530 million Taxpayer gift to Solyndra.  Kaiser denies discussing Solyndra with anyone in the Oval Office even though Obama made two separate trips to Solyndra's manufacturing offices.  You can read about this skulduggery here:  LINK  Furthermore, Solyndra officials and investors made at least 20 trips to the White House between March 2009 and April 2011.  How about if someone directly asks Obama if he ever had conversations with Kaiser about Solyndra?   A good accounting of Solyndra/Obama connection is here:  LINK

Finally, the FBI is raiding Solyndra.  According to a company spokesman: 
Miller said the company is "fully cooperating" with federal officials. He said he did not know the purpose of the search, but he speculated it could have something to do with the $535 million in loan guarantees the Department of Energy awarded to Solyndra, a company President Obama visited in May 2010, touting the company as the wave of clean technology and the future for alternative fuel sources.
Here's the LINK  The cynical side of me is wondering if Team Teleprompter ordered the raid in order to seize and destroy any possible documented link between Obama and Kaiser.  You think I'm nuts and the Government doesn't destroy documents illegally?  Go read my post in August about the SEC destroying thousands of docs, some that might have been used to nail Madoff a lot sooner.  Once again I would like to see ALL of the documents at Solyndra put into a lock-box and have a completely independent firm conduct a full forensic accounting.  I want to know where that $530 million went and I want to know just how cozy this Oklahoma redneck and Obama really are.

Have previous Presidents engaged in this corrupt behavior? They all have.  BUT Obama specifically got elected on the promise of changing DC's old ways and cleaning up the vile cesspool of total corruption that is Washington DC.  On that account Obama has FAILED.

And now Obama wants to get in front of the country and ask the Taxpayers to support him on spending $300 billion of OUR money to create jobs.  After Obama's track record of corrupt waste and failure, not only do I hope that Congress denies this request but I hope the public starts screaming for more accountability and truth - because the promise of that upon which got Obama elected has been appallingly and tragically broken...


  1. so, let me make sure i understand this,'re mad at obama because he lied like nobody's business? or you're mad at him because his lies were so convincing (to most) that he had you believing he might do something? I'm not sure i really understand here. he's a powerless puppeteer-ed crook like all the rest of them. including the next elected official from either party. ho hum if you ask me. it's still sad.

    but for me, the sadder thing was that i allowed myself to believe that the system would actually allow us the opportunity to change it by the voting process...what's that old phrase?: you can vote, but you can't choose. i no longer believe that oligarchs will allow us to change their system in any way that is not fully reversible/co-optable w/in a generation or so. i believe that nature and/or the people rising up to demand their rights instead of them giving them away at every occasion will be our likely "saviors."

    anyway, i'm just a little curious why it is that you expected anything different from obama, i guess (as judging by what seems to be a bit of moral outrage above).

  2. (Dave)

    because with Clinton and W there were no promises to clean up DC. we knew what we were dealing with. with obama there were pointed, well communicated promises to change all of that. Obama bamboozled a lot of people because he's slick-talking snake oil saleman. And a lot of people still buy into his bullshit and think he's not corrupt. bullshit. he's unqualified, no-experienced product of the chicago political machine. of course he's a puppet but he's the best liar the office has ever seen.

  3. snakes on a mf plane

  4. (Dave)

    ROFLMAO. They've been quoting from that movie on the local sports radio show this week!

  5. Surprisingly enough, Solargate has already been suggested. See comments in Bruce Krastings article (ZH).

  6. (Dave)

    LOL remember that? What a farce

  7. A cruel hoax...

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

  8. i understand your point, dave. thanks. I must admit that by looking at who his advisors were, and who he appointed, and that time he went on the view (i was in my mother's living room at the time while she was watching) and said his biggest goals were to go after the military, big oil, and the banking industry, I couldn't stop laughing. if the oligarchy let someone like that get elected, it was bc they had written the script, or they were going to kill him. he's still alive and doing their bidding, so i guess we all know which way he went (the exact way they wanted him to). thanks for the explanation though.

  9. Dave,
    Count me as another former believer. I too had high hopes for the man and have been bitterly disappointed.

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

    If he thinks he's getting my vote again, he's nuts.

  10. SatyaPranava said " can vote, but you can't choose. i no longer believe that oligarchs will allow us to change their system..."

    Do you live in a caucus state? If so, get registered Republican and go to caucus!
    You absolutely can make a difference in a caucus state, but you will have to put in an evening of your time to go to caucus (meet with your politically-minded neighbors). Try to get to you state convention and there you can support Ron Paul.

    Everything else is just talk...

  11. thanks for the creative thinking on how to best work within the system, sam. i actually do not live in a caucus state.