Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ron Paul Interviewed On The Daily Show

Well worth watching.  I think it's too late for anyone to save our system, but at least if Paul were elected President we could give it the old "college try."  Here's the LINK - Part 1 and from there you can get the part 2 and part 3.  Enjoy.


  1. Go Ron! He needs more press. Dave, here's a link about the protest currently going on in NYC that get's little, to no press - "Occupy Wall Street"


  2. Please sign it. Dylan Ratigan work in progress :

  3. just another quick note and would appreciate a comment.

    Basically we get to believe that there are a few entities who are short an obscene amount of silver! However they seem to be able to do anything they want with the market. And if you believe that the rise in Silver was due to other forces and not those large entities then we all must be dreaming. And we are to buy physical at for instance 27.65 Euros and the same dealer will only buy it back at 22.13 Euro. What a rip off.

    And the CFTC is of no use - lucky only the Americans are actually paying for that "service".

  4. Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    The Power Elite

    The power elite are now scared! They are scared of the very economic instability they created! They are afraid that a reform movement will start to grow! They want us to be scared because in fear we are safely held captive. We must make the powerful afraid of us!

    The criminal classes of this country have seized power through the bending, writing, and selective application of the law! Today, the law works only to the interests of a few! The corporate oligarchs have created a feudalistic society! a new type of fascism! without clear identifiable leadership subject to challenge and reform! To reform, we must demand the restoration of the rule of law!


  5. Another reason to own physical...your retirement is in your hands, not some corporate scumbags...!! Don't let them hijack your future!

    They'll leave you for dead...with no after thought!

    “Retirement Heist; How Companies Plunder and Profit From the Nest Eggs of American Workers”.
    Then finally Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative journalist Ellen
    Schultz joins us. She covered business, finance and economics for the
    Wall Street Journal and has investigated the retirement crisis for
    decades. She is the author of a shocking new book “Retirement Heist;
    How Companies Plunder and Profit From the Nest Eggs of American


  6. So everyone is now warning that we are near a Lehman event.

    What is your bet Gold and Silver will be taken to the woodshed with it all. There is no difference this time as always argued.

  7. Watch Lawrence O'Donnell video




  8. Perdue faced almost instant national criticism on Tuesday after she recommended suspending elections until the economy recovers.

    “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, N.C., according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

    Shortly after the controversial comments made national headlines, Perdue’s press team began claiming it was a joke. Until the audio of her comments was released, though, there was no way to know if she was serious.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/28/new-audio-nc-governor-struck-serious-tone-on-suspending-congressional-elections/#ixzz1ZGQup9x9

  9. Stay off the Cain Train....

    Cain annoyed by ‘stupid’ questions from Ron Paul supporters

    Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, writes that Paul’s supporters are “threatened by me” and are “trying to destroy me on the fact that I was once affiliated with” the Federal Reserve.

    Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1995 and 1996.

    The Daily Caller obtained an advance copy of Cain’s book, “This is Herman Cain,” which goes on sale Oct. 4. In the manuscript, Cain claims Paul’s campaign “sends one of its ‘Paulites’ everywhere I show up.”

    Paul is a proponent of auditing the Federal Reserve.

    “I get the same stupid question at almost every one of these events,” Cain writes.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/27/cain-annoyed-by-%e2%80%98stupid%e2%80%99-questions-from-ron-paul-supporters/#ixzz1ZGTDWfJk

  10. (Dave)

    re Cain: LOL. Thing is, if we can't have RP, I want Cain in there. If the country is going to collapse, may as well at least have better entertainment than Obama is giving us. Obama sucks. Takes himself too seriously. Geithner is a one-man clown show but time for him to accept his gratuity for transferring a few trillion of our wealth to the bankers and go work for Goldman or JPM...Time for Cain - THAT would be entertaining...he's hilarious...

    Wednesday, 28 September, 2011

  11. I wonder if the people selling gold are the same ones buying amzn?..if so gold owners are in good shape!

    Ok, That Does It (Amazon)

    Anyway, the reason I'm following up with another Ticker is that CNBC just had a segment up (no link yet, sorry) where the premise on buying Amazon's stock was, and I quote, "you're buying the next 10 or 20 years"

    Oh REALLY?

    Amazon's 5-year compounded analyst estimated EPS growth is a stunning 27.67% as of today.

    Therefore, we are presuming $104 billion in earnings and at the firm's current 3% operating margin this translates into $3.47 trillion in revenues - that is, sales.


    You REALLY believe that's going to happen?

    Now that - which is what you were just sold on CNBC - is pure fantasyland material.


  12. We need to get the money out of the election...don't agree with everything Paul says but we need a purge...these other guys just too compromised!

    The billionaire’s choice: Christie for president
    Commentary: ‘Fiscal conservative’ masks anti-tax agenda
    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The billionaire Koch brothers aren’t happy yet with the field of Republican presidential candidates. They reportedly want New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run.

    David and Charles Koch, owners of the privately held energy firm Koch Enterprises, have long since been revealed as the main funders of the “grassroots” Tea Party movement, which cloaks an anti-tax agenda in a small-government Libertarian camouflage.

    Mitt Romney’s biggest liability as a candidate, aside from the fact that he may be too bland and too fake to defeat Barack Obama, is that he’s not sufficiently on board with this anti-tax agenda.

    So it’s no surprise to see other billionaires in the coterie of Wall Street financiers trying to hoist Christie into the race. Home Depot HD +0.30% founder Kenneth Langone, the New York Times informs us, is the biggest backer of the New Jersey governor, who is in his second year as an elected politician. Read the news story about Christie’s backers in the New York Times.

    Langone, investors will recall, was the director at the New York Stock Exchange who thought former NYSE chief executive Richard Grasso really deserved $140 million for driving the Big Board into the ground and paving the way for its takeover by Deutsche Boerse.

    Paul Singer, Charles Schwab and other well-heeled financiers are also reportedly interested. With bank accounts like these, who needs friends?

    In the immortal words of Deep Throat, “Follow the money.” Christie’s money leads right back to these arch-conservative billionaires. If that’s the star you want to hitch your wagon to, Christie’s your man.

  13. Yeah, I agree with you. It seems too late to save the system. And I don't know that Paul could even get close to trying to do so. It just seems to me that the office of President pretty much changes the man and not the other way around anymore. And not for a good change mind you. The place just seems to corrupt whoever gets in, misdirecting their plans.

    Most of DC seems to do that and very few come away untarnished it seems.

  14. (Dave)

    The reason RP can't get anywhere is because he's not for sale. Obama was bought way before he became a Prez candidate.