Monday, October 24, 2011

How Many Of You Have Money With Janus Funds?

NFLX update:   The stock is down $42 to $76 - almost cut in half overnight and down 75% from the 52-wk high.  Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, Janus, American Century.  Those are the Einsteins that own a big piece of NFLX.  The managers of these funds will get paid a lot money regardless of what happens to your wealth...

In yet ANOTHER of a long list of investments by Janus that turned into big blow-ups, Janus is the 4th largest holder of Netlix:  LINK  After hitting a high of $304 earlier this year, Netflix is down another $31 in after-hour trading today to $93, after providing disappointing revenue guidance.  That's 70% decline in value.  I think Janus has stepped on more stock landmines than any other large mutual manager.  You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas...


  1. Ya tac on another finer finished at $85. LOL.

  2. Dave,
    the Top for Netflix was 303$, not 103$.

  3. (Dave)

    Whoops! Typo - thanks for the heads up

  4. Gold on the other hand is controlled, owned etc by Government and Elite.

  5. Last year it was the same pattern with precious metals. The time in August when Gold and Silver jump started at the option expiry time. The pattern changed when instead of getting hammered they jumped. Could this be the start of that period?

    Also the pattern of this fear induced crap about the debt ceiling not being raised etc and the day before D-Day the metals started to go wild. Doesn't it feel like the same here??

    Lets see what happens - if that pattern is the same then a 4 to 5 month upswing is on the cards???

    Lets see!!!