Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama Was In Denver Today - "Four More Years!"

He was prostituting himself to the college student constituency for votes, as they were a large part of his voting base in 2008.  I happened to see this new campaign poster plastered around town:

He's hasn't followed thru on any of his campaign promises yet, but now he's telling his Denver student audience that he's adding student loan relief and mortgage relief for all who need it to his list of promises.

I can honestly say that, given the pathetic front-runners offered by the Republicans, Obama won't need to campaign or promise anything in order to get re-elected. 

We just get four more years of the same policies started by Bush and expanded by Obama.


  1. Send this to obummer..

    ROBERT REICH: Obama Should Call For Glass Steagall And A Breakup Of Big Banks

    Economically it would be smart for Obama to go after the Street right now because the Street’s lobbying muscle has reduced the Dodd-Frank financial reform law to a pale reflection of its former self. Dodd-Frank is rife with so many loopholes and exemptions that the largest Wall Street banks – larger by far then they were before the bailout – are back to many of their old tricks.

    It’s impossible to know, for example, the exposure of the Street to European banks now in danger of going under. To stay afloat, Europe’s banks will be forced to sell mountains of assets – among them, derivatives originating on the Street – and may have to reneg on or delay some repayments on loans from Wall Street banks.

    It would have been far simpler simply to ban proprietary trading from the jump. Why should banks ever be permitted to use peoples’ bank deposits – insured by the federal government – to place risky bets on the banks’ own behalf? Bring back Glass-Steagall.

    The banks aren’t even fulfilling their fiduciary duties to investors. Last summer, after Groupon selected Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse to underwrite its initial public offering, the trio valued it at a generous $30 billion. Subsequent accounting and disclosure problems showed this estimate to be absurdly high. Did the banks care? Not a wit. The higher the valuation, the fatter their fees.

  2. Obama, the third term of Bush, who was the third term of Clinton, who was
    Ect. Ect. Ect.....

  3. "We just get four more years of the same policies..."

    So does that mean another 15 trillion printed? Thank God.

  4. (Dave)

    william/silvergold: ROFLMAO

    re: glass-steagall - we actually need to burn the current regulatory system to the ground and start from the ground up, utilizing the good parts of G-S. For sure there needs to be a complete separation of commercial/retail banking and investment banking/trading/brokerage.

  5. Coincidences, coincidences....

    Multi-Billionaire Salinas - Gaddafi Killed Over Gold Currency

    With gold and silver moving to the upside, today King World News interviewed multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price out of Mexico. KWN wanted to get his thoughts on where he sees gold and silver headed. But first, when asked for an update on his efforts to monetize silver in Mexico, Hugo Salinas Price stated, “By and large all of the Congressman are in favor of monetizing silver in Mexico. The dirty work is how to get around the blocking that is presented by three or four important party leaders who are bought off by the central bank or intimated by the central bank. The are afraid to go against the central banks desires.”

  6. Be Careful What You Wish For (In This Case, We Wished For Hella Oil)
    Countries around the world have been freezing Moammar Gadhafi's assets, and trying to choke off the flow of money to Libya's state oil company and sovereign wealth fund.

    But there's one asset they can't touch: the 143.8 tons of gold in Libya's central bank, which is controlled by Gadhafi. Today's FT describes the $6.5 billion stash as "enough to pay a small army of mercenaries for months or even years."

    Here is an excellent animated John Perkins interview that really explains it all:

  7. Does the college he had the rally at have a constitutional law or government department...forward this to them...we all need a third candidate for one term.

    License to Lie: The "Most Transparent Administration Ever" Seeks Law to Respond to Freedom of Information Requests with "Information Does Not Exist"

    "The government, cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court. … The court simply cannot perform its constitutional function if the government does not tell the truth," the judge wrote in a stinging rebuke.

    Pure Insanity

    This proposed law is pure insanity. Wrong accused persons might go to prison or guilty persons purposely protected based on this law.

    All that is required is for some government official (possibly protecting himself or his department) to think information is "too sensitive".

    The U.S. should be ashamed to even consider such a law.

  8. YES WE CAN!
    American people desert to go down like a pig. Most of people still believe in their government.

  9. The whole thing is rigged. Always has been. Where did Obama come from, anyway? ...Anybody? Nobody has a clue. He's the mystery man. Groomed for the job long ago. He's the actor who reads his script from from his beloved telepromter. That's it. Ever heard him without one? He's a mess. He's stupid. He has no essence, no sparkle. It's all an act, a facade. He's an empty suit. He's a long legged mack daddy.

    THEY control the voting machines (guess where the company is that owns and runs those machines? Anybody got the answer? You won't be surprised.) They'll put in who ever they want. Just like they control the Financial Markets. We know those are rigged. It's just the way it is. We're playing with a rigged deck folks, and it's always stacked against us. They got the program down, pat. Look how the masses are massively in denial. Why is that? Why are so many people walking around in America so out of touch with what is real? Pretty scary. Imagine if the all came to their senses at once.

    TPTB consume their scrumptiously catered meals with reckless abandon and all we can do is continue scrambling for the crumbs that fall off their gold and silver plates. Forecast that, huh? What a joke. Where's the crumb from that dish right there going to fall? Grab it! Know where gold is headed? How about silver? They know exactly where it's going and all the alternative soothsayers can only make general guesses like "Long Term". Duh? To figure out where PM's are going you've got to get into the mind of the megalomaniac narcissist. If you ain't got that kind 'a mind, you ain't gonna know where metals will be next week, this week, tomorrow, later today. (Yeah, I know, some nail it once in awhile, but that's mostly playing the odds combined with some luck)

    Our only chance, "at this moment in time", is Ron Paul, but he'll come down with some dis-ease just when we think he's in and back we'll slip, our hopes and dreams, into the cesspool of their heinous world of programmed control and manipulation.

    The Whole Fucking System is rigged, top to bottom. Our only hope is for it to completely, absolutely crash and burn. However, if that happens, it will be the 'every man for himself' kinds of craziness manifesting. Forget the 'you got gold?' as a priority. Get yourself a couple of portable thermonuclear devices that can take out a few city blocks worth of rampaging banshees who no longer can afford their meds. It's got the potential to get real nasty out there. I wonder what the quality of food in America will be like in 2016?

    You got heat?

  10. Won't this move by ISDA finally cause the big $ to realize the only way to protect themselves is gold?

    Oh Look! The Market LOVES Fraud! (Europe)

    The "agreement" is that bondholders will take a 50% chainsaw, er, "haircut" on their Greek debt. In yet another stunning "agreement", this will somehow not trigger credit default swaps - in other words, they're not really default swaps any more, now they're "whatever we call thems when we want them to be whatevers."

    This is a huge problem up and down the line; if you bought this "protection" you now got nothing for it, which means this market's functional purpose is now a zero.

  11. Golden glove match?

    Recreating A Real Gold Standard

    Lehrman’s historical model is the international gold standard of 1873-1914, an era of industrial breakthrough, global economic growth, and astounding price stability. As charted by his colleague John Muller, it was the most stable period of U.S. monetary regimes based on the Consumer Price Index. Even with price shocks due to technological changes and rapid globalization, prices in the short-term and long-run were more stable than at any other time in American history. This was because of the credibility of the link between the dollar and gold, both for citizens at home and governments abroad.

    How do we redevelop this best practice for the 21st century? In some ways, it will be less difficult with the integration of gold into the financial system already through electronic payment systems. On a practical level, using gold as money has never been easier (though financial repression of gold through taxes and regulation still presents a formidable barrier).

    On the other hand, the proliferation of credit through new instruments and disintermediation has made the financial system more disorderly than ever. A major portion of credit creation today has been taken over by the shadow banking system, the recipient of the Federal Reserve’s bailouts. In addition to a system of unrestricted convertibility between the dollar and gold, Lehrman also outlines banking reform which would insist that financial institutions reestablish their role as fiduciaries through improved liquidity standards using fair market valuation and quarterly stress tests.

  12. An Anarchist Behind Occupy Wall Street The man who helped start the Occupy Wall Street protests, David Graeber, is a 50-year-old anthropologist who has published a book on debt - and who has been an anarchist since the age of 16, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports. His economic ideas are outside the mainstream, but have a popular appeal.

    "You gave the bank the right to make up money that is then lent to you," he told BusinessWeek. "We collectively create this stuff, and so we could do it differently."

    “We are watching the beginnings of the defiant self-assertion of a new generation of Americans, a generation who are looking forward to finishing their education with no jobs, no future, but still saddled with enormous and unforgivable debt,” Graeber wrote in a Sept. 25 editorial published online by the Guardian. “Is it really surprising they would like to have a word with the financial magnates who stole their future?”

    His writing provides an intellectual frame and a sort of genealogy for the movement he helped start. The inchoate anger of the Occupy Wall Street protesters tends to cluster around two things. One is the influence of money in politics. The other is debt: mortgages, credit-card debt, student loans, and the difference in how the debts of large financial companies and those of individual borrowers have been treated in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.
    As Graeber explains it, it’s all part of a larger story: Throughout history, debt has served as a way for states to control their subjects and extract resources from them (usually to finance wars). And when enough people got in enough debt, there was usually some kind of revolt.