Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Time To Say Anything Today

Obviously the Fed was joke.

But, is anyone on CNBC, Bloomberg or Fox Biz talking about the precious metals and miners today?  I don't watch those channels so I don't know, but I would bet good money they are not.  The HUI is up 6.8% right now.  If the the Dow were up 6.8% it would be up 868 points from yesterday's close.  I'm pretty sure that every single TV business reporter/anchor would be doing naked cartwheels, popping bottles of Dom and talking about the new economy.


  1. Speaking of naked cartwheels, I wonder what Mary Lou Retton is up to these days?

  2. Dave,

    Speaking of miners it was nice to see them catch a bid for once. I had an excellent day. The real question remains will they follow through over the next few sessions or will it be the same old story with them underperforming the metals.

    Anyway my question is about Hecla. Even with the recent mine closure i just don't believe HL stock price. It has little debt, over $400m in cash, it's latest quarterly earnings were up you 183%, it just implemented a new dividend policy based on the silver price. All extremely positive signs in my opinion. Am I missing something or this not just a HUGE opportunity. I mean I see a number of juniors that scream bargain like Golden Minerals with massive high grade silver reserves but HL is one of the largest producers. It should trade at a substantial premium to say a junior that is not producing. I continue to be patient and add to my miners on all weakness but I feel like I live in the twilight zone.

    Thanks for the feedback & the blog! Also would love more posts about miners. I am always stacking pm's but that's a given so any posts on miners is much more interesting. Thanks again!

  3. You expect anything less?

    actually, just before Bernanke came on TV someone on cnbc said something about gold--no more than 5-6 seconds worth.

  4. Also I think I remember you a while back saying you liked Eurasian Minerals. I apologize if that was someone else but they just got approved to start trading on the AMEX. I have owned the pink sheets shares for a few years and they will automatically be converted to the new AMEX shares. The story got very little attention but I know the company was extremely excited about it as it will only open up new investors to the company. Anyways just wanted to share that in case you hadn't heard.


    1. JD, if yer interested they are having a closing bell ceremony at the Kimberly Hotel in NYC Jan 30th from 5:30 - 8.

  5. Miners? shouldn't drink and drive.....HUI, wasn't that a comic book big baby character?....precious metals? If you can't eat,drink or smoke ' Apple a day keeps the metals at bay on CNBS..........

  6. Clearly Dave, REALITY is the FINAL FRONTIER

  7. But, is anyone on CNBC, Bloomberg or Fox Biz talking...?
    Coherently? See

    Forget those guys..if king world news had a ticker tape..there'd be no reason to put the tv on!

    Bernanke Goes All In

    So long as CPCE stays below 2%, Ben is going to have his foot planted on the monetary metal. It’s “full speed ahead” according to the Chairman. He's pushed things off until 2014 - a very long time from now.

    My question: “Why is the Fed using CPCE versus another measure of inflation?” The very good news is that there is answer, and it comes from a very "reliable" source – The Federal Reserve. A detailed analysis on this topic was conveniently made public just a month ago.