Thursday, December 26, 2013

War On Terror?

As it turns out, the U.S. Government is the most deadly terrorist in the world.   Here's an example that the people who still support Obama either look the other to or don't have a problem with.

U.N. experts urge U.S., Yemen to explain erroneous drone strikes:
United Nations human rights experts told the United States and Yemen on Thursday to say whether they were complicit in drone attacks that mistakenly killed civilians in wedding processions this month.
What a nice holiday present from Barack and Michelle to the citizens of Yemen...That's from a Reuters news report, in case the Obama supporters want to blame it on the Republicans or blame it on an unreliable news source:  Drone-happy Barack.  Here's an estimate of the civilian drone deaths since Obama took office just in Pakistan:  From The Left-Leaning Huffington Post.

The U.S. military actions can not be blamed on the Republicans because Obama, as Commander-In-Chief, has the ability to stop all of it.  He promised to stop a significant amount of when he was campaigning in 2008.  As it turns out, he has done nothing but escalate it.   Anyone who still supports Obama is supporting the most dangerous terrorist country in the world.


  1. I've long maintained the biggest terrorists in the world originate in London and New York financial centres who have done far more damage to people lives than any groups of radical Muslims. I guess this now extends to Washington as well, for sure a decent argument can be made. Of course don't expect any reasonable debate inside western circles about their misdeeds.

  2. Obama probably is not aware of this incident-he is on vacation and probably has not read the newspaper nor watched TV. Plausible ignorance and laziness.

    1. You defending him? FIrst of all, he's definitely aware of it. I guarantee you that he knew about it right after it happened no matter where he is.

      Second, my whole point is that Obama campaigned on a platform of military restraint. He could have put the brakes on the drone program a long time ago. Instead, by all reports the drone attacks and the drone flights over our country are his favorite part of the military.

    2. hal...

      It helps if you put 'sarcasm' at the end of your comment.
      If your comment is serious...nothing else you say will help

    3. Sarc: but this is not sarc: I thought it was obvious like the time he read abut the IRS? in the newspaper.

      Obama is the perfect Front Man for whomever, the bankers, tptb, All he really wanted is wealth redistribution and his antics keep the media and population a bit busy while the big boys are robbing us blind economically socially morally and "freedomly" and perhaps other ways we do not know

  3. Obama just passes along the orders to do this senseless killing. Obama is a errand boy for the global elite and bankers. I doubt he even had time to call in this massacre being in Hawaii and busy on the golf course. The financial balls are being kept in the air with derivatives. Watch this interview with Rob Kirby, shocking I tell you.

  4. Just plug in the words "organized crime" for "government". Only then will a lot of the crap in this world begin to make a bit of sense.

    The bigger question for Obama supporters, however, is how can this somehow be blamed on Bush?


  6. Been saying this for years as well Dave, the people running this ship all suffer from mental Illness. a prime example of a Mental Illness sufferer right here.

    Rev. Jackson: Phil Robertson 'More Offensive' Than Rosa Parks Bus Driver

    This from a man who's son was sentenced to prison for stealing three quarters of a Million dollars from various people.

    The Liberal Left Ladies and Gentlemen prove to us on a daily basis they are truly mentally disturbed individuals, the same individuals teaching your children in a classroom near you.

  7. Jim Rickards is admits that the game has changed and he's astonished as anyone:

  8. did you say war???????????

    AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath Against Iran

    Fischer may also want to launch "exercises" to prepare the U.S. financial system for the fallout of Israeli military attacks on Iran. New bills in Congress drafted by AIPAC call not only for additional sanctions aimed at thwarting a fledgling deal on Iran’s nuclear program (favored 2-to-1 by Americans). AIPAC’s bill forces the U.S. to "have Israel’s back" in the event of a unilateral Israeli strike. If Israel has already decided to attack Iran, it would benefit immensely from having Fischer inside the Fed, protecting the financial flows Israel now regards as all but a birthright from its primary global underwriter. Less well-known is the Fed’s authority to authorize foreign bank acquisitions. Any future Israeli campaign to further entwine its banks into the U.S. financial system through acquisitions would likely find a much more welcoming regulator in Fischer.

  9. Your header should have read "War of Terror", not "War on Terror". Just saying.

  10. "America's nightmare of the opposition with a huge empire, the Soviet Union, will repeat again. By 2025, the Union will be re-established in some form," Pavel Sviridov said. He talked about it, as well as about the future of Ukraine and its political leaders with Pravda.Ru.

    "I am a futurist, I study possible variants of the future. I assume that by 2025, the Soviet Union will be recreated in some form. There is an axis of Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus-Ukraine and possibly Armenia or Kyrgyzstan. They will come to a new unified agreement, and, most likely, it will be based on the Customs Union. For the time being, they build an economic platform. This will be the union, where no one will try to find out, who has got a larger piece of the pie. All will understand that the union is good for all, both socially and politically.

    "I'd like to recall the words from a native of Kharkov, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who said that without Ukraine, Russia would always be a regional state, and with Ukraine it would always be a great power.

    "The nightmare for the U.S., when it had to confront the vast empire of the Soviet Union for a century, will repeat. What is happening now is not a game of Europe to attract Ukraine. This is a game of the U.S. to prevent an attempt to recreate the Soviet Union."

    Eventually, the international community will challenge the US, who being economically fragile, will fall to pieces like the berlin wall.