Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Must-Read Commentary From Jesse's Cafe Americain

Obama and the Government/Fed's Massive Orwellian Propaganda Campaign:

Whoever heard of a bubble in which the major money center banks are so perilously short it? A bubble requires a broad participation and belief, and the encouragement of the market makers. And now a statement from an "SEC official" that there is a gold bubble. This, from the very people who allegedly could not see the tech, housing and credit bubbles.

Jesse Shreds The Government

I would like to add to this that someone asked me if all the pro-Geithner media blitz we've been deluged with lately is a massive smoke-blowing attempt to save Geithner from being run out Washington, DC. To that I replied:  As long as Geithner keeps funnelling Taxpayer money into the pockets of the Big Wall Street Banks who control Congress and Obama, Geithner will remain in his job.  He's doing exactly what he was put into that job to do, despite being a serial, multiple-year tax-dodger and who knows what else.  Welcome to "Animal Farm," by George Orwell.


  1. Someone named Sutski left a comment that I posted but I can find which post he commented on. Here is his comment (in the future, try to leave comments on one of the front-page posts):

    Morning! I am thinking that $75,000/oz. would be... Morning!

    I am thinking that $75,000/oz. would be more reasonable wjen the dollar unravels to the gold and oil price.

    I could then certainly consider quiting the alps and exploring the FL keys for a while!

    The shear size of inbalance between promised gold and deliverable gold will surely be more astonishing than we can percieve currently. I am convinced it is going to be monumental.

    I have been pooring myself the last 3 months buying 0.102kgs of gold and I just sneaked in three weeks ago and got 2.98kg's of silver bullion too. The silver is now up 11.2% in the first 3 weeks. That there $1500 an oz prediction would then surely sort me a nice piece of marine hardware to cruise the keys in!

    Bring it on!!


    I buy my gold and silver bullion here:

    I would be interested to hear if anyone has any knowledge of BullionVault where I am purchasing my gold. It seems pretty solid and is allocated physical in a vault in Zurich.

    What thinks thee is this paper or physical?? :)

    The sutski bit in the link is there so they know I sent you of course ;)

    I also tweet weekly gold price hilarity from


  2. Thanks for the comment Sutski. I've seen very well reasoned arguements to justify $38,000/oz. gold but not $75,000. Ultimately who knows. The price will have to be revalued upward substantially to at least partially back all of the fiat obligations globally and restore confidence after shit really comes unglued (we're just at the beginning, believe it or not).

    The link you posted didnt make it. IT's for if anyone is interested. I don't know anything about them. What I do know is that I only trust physical gold that I either keep well guarded at home or in a depository we use for our fund that is in Delaware.

    Even depositories are suspect. I heard from someone who heard from the horse's mouth, that Delaware Depository does not insure the full value of the gold it safekeeps. This information is rock solid because it comes from the insurer. They believe that even in the worst case scenario, they'll never suffer full damamges.

    Our depository, First STate, carries 100% coverage.

  3. My twitter name is "TruthInGold"

    my blog name was unavailable. still learning how to use twitter.