Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Message From America

I typically would like this blog to remain free from partisan political issues, other than as they relate directly to affecting the way information about finanicial issues get disseminated into marketplace - i.e. the Federal Rerserve should audited and Congress needs to pass a Bill to make this happen.

However, I wanted to share an essay from The Daily Bell which reflects a message being sent all across the country by grassroots citizen movements and which is being ignored by almost all politicians in BOTH parties. Here's an excerpt:

"The monetary elite that has tended to dominate the Western conversation in the past century has done all it could do to inculcate the masses with the idea that a strong and forceful democratic government is necessary for prosperity"

I find it quite ironic how, increasingly, the left side of the political spectrum, who believes in big Government, is actually in bed with same crony/elitist bankers they so despise. Here's the link:

Must Read: Message from the People

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