Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama Government Seeks Control Of Internet During Security Emergencies

In a move which further erodes the First Amendment of the Consitution and completely undermines the civil liberties implied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Senate is working on a Bill which would give President Obama the ability to essentially shut down the internet in the event of a national emergency:

Details of a revamped version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 show the Senate bill could give the president a "kill switch" on the Internet and allow him to shut out private networks from online access.

First Amendment Killer?

My view on this is that the Government is getting more concerned about the growing unrest with the Government's failure to reign in the growing corruption in our banking and political systems and is looking for ways to limit the dissemination of information to the public by cutting off internet access.  Given the low probability of terrorism from sources external to the country, I would suspect that this means that the Government is increasingly concerned about how the public would respond to another massive banking crisis.  Please note that the Patriot Act enables to the President to regard banking and financial market disruptions as "security threats."


  1. The recent Town Hall Protests gained considerable support and momentum from the internet, especially via YouTube. I somehow doubt it is a coincidence that this new legislation has arisen like the creature from the black lagoon at the same time a government initiative has suffered a serious setback at the hands of the internet. The internet has become a practitioner of asymmetric warfare's (broadly defined) wet dream.

    Thrown into the bargain, has been pointed out elsewhere, the internet has evolved into an entity that can create and propagate its own memes rather than merely spreading memes created outside itself. This startling development, along with the internet's usefulness as an asymmetric warfare tool has created absolute panic in the PTB.

    As such, it's a whole new ball game and some government stooges are eager to try and put the genie back into the bottle. Oppose any and all who support this legislation designed to stifle the greatest forum for free speech and information flow-good bad and indifferent-available.
    It is, as the author of this blog asserts, a direct attack on The First Amendment of The Constitution.

  2. Bingo Edwardo! The internet is the only wind generator left to help clear away the poisonous Orwellian fog that the Governmnet has unleashed over the country.

    Anyone who voted for Obama and doesn't feel completely betrayed by him and his Administration has their head buried deeply in a pile of sand.

  3. Cutting off internet access isn't going to accomplish anything. It'll just fuel unrest. Even China doesn't go that far even but then again they control the content.

  4. Actually Harvey, I was chatting with someone on Thursday who's wife is from China. They were recently over there visiting her mom, who lives in a Shanghai suburb. He said he pleasantly suprised by how open and seemingly uncensored the internet access is over there. He said he didn't have problems accessing anything. Now, that's not to say they don't have the ability to restrict access if they want. But of course, we are supposed to have a Constitution which makes us uniquely free from Government control.

    It looks like Obama is trying to CHANGE that. Is this the CHANGE that Obama voters voted for?