Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Won't the Fed Show Us (the Taxpayer) Our Gold?

For some reason, Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have decided that they do not need to show the world, and especially all the inquiring U.S. Taxpayers, proof that the U.S. Mint holds in physical custody the 8100 tons of gold that the U.S. has been reporting going back to the Bretton Woods Treaty signed in 1944. The last time a genuine independent audit of the 8100 tons was performed was when Eisenhower was President.

The question is raised then, how come the Federal Reserve is putting up a formidable legal blockade in order to prevent GATA (the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) from gaining access under repeated Freedom Of Information Act inquiries? Wouldn't everyone reading this like to see, for sure, that the 8100 tons really exists? This is OUR gold folks.

Here's a link to the latest attempt by GATA to force the Federal Reserve to show proof to the world that the United States' gold holdings is bona fide:

Please Ben, Show Us Our Gold

Undoubtedly, this issue among several, are the reasons why the Fed hired the former Enron chief lobbyist, Linda Robertson, and is spending millions to fight the attempt of Congress to force an audit of the Fed. At last count, Ron Paul's HR 1207 had 282 co-sponsors - and Barney Frank is sitting on that Bill in Committee and it would overwhelmingly pass a Floor vote - and Bernie Sander's similar Bill in the Senate now has 23 co-sponsor's. Moreover, polls show that 75% of all Americans would like to see this Legislation passed into law.

Here's my compromise: forget the full audit, just show us our gold. What are you trying to hide Ben?


  1. Maybe if you offered to throw them some beads?

  2. I have a different compromise, shut yourself down, or we will do it for you.

  3. @Jesse: ROFLMAO

    @Edwardo: that may end up happening if the town meetings are just warming the masses up!