Sunday, July 18, 2010

More On Scotiabank's Fraudulent Bullion Safekeeping Services

If you read this story and decide to keep your bullion at Bank Nova Scotia - OR utilize investment products that are supposedly backed by gold/silver which are safekept at BNS - may your god have mercy on your net worth.   For all others, please read this story, go back and review Harvy Organ's experience with Scotia and then go retrieve every ounce of bullion from Scotia that is rightfully your's.  You should move it a private depository, like First State Depository in Delaware. 

Here's the story link:  Pulp Non-Fiction

Hat tip to the reader who posted the link in the comment section, which was originally posted HERE by GATA.  If you have exposure to Scotia, I can only lead you to water...


  1. Holy crapola!

    I think Sprott's silver fund may well be the fuse to blow this paper facade sky high! Glad I have mine all in physical! I did fajitas on the Keg if you want to look!

  2. Wow that looked good.

    If anyone needs to stimulate their appetite:

  3. Dave,
    just a feeling but I think the metals (Au/Ag) are about ready to explode higher. Finally some folks are asking what is real money. Bernanke must be up late these days.

  4. thanks for posting this Dave...

    i too think something soon will trigger the metals higher but you wont see it on the paper charts no....this will be a separation.
    i read from Ed Steer that silver maples are in shortage of 4 months or so.

    kitco now doesn't have inventory for Canada really other then a few gold coins.

    we are not in 2008 for physical shortages yet but the 2nd time around might be enough to separate whats real and whats not.

  5. Mike, the significance of that story is enormous. I was attacked via email by a prominent Canadian daily newsletter writer who questioned my abilities and insight regarding Scotia and actually defended Scotia. This adds proof to the case. It was funny because I went back at him by asking him if he had read thru all of the prospectuses (GLD, SLV, BMG etc) like I have done and of course he could not respond and I knew his answer was "no" anyway because he is a regurgitator, not someone who offers original work LOL.

    But not only that, I receive correspondence on occassion from people who have had the same delays we have had w/out fund in getting silver delivery from the Comex. One person actually had to get a lawyer involved before he received his silver (HSBC was his Comex counterparty)

    This whole fractional scheme is getting close to be blown wide open and it won't be much longer before a game-changer hits the tape. You'll know what it is when it hits - make sure you are long silver.

  6. The imagery of the Wizard of Oz comes to mind where he frantically operates the controls and floor levers to maintain the illusion. Toto is coming into sight.

    Joe M.

  7. Gold backed currency being issued within a state of Malaysia...saw this via Zero Hedge.

    Here in America we'll be the last to know that the world has moved away from the dollar...

  8. dave,
    there is this preciption that the current montetary system is real because its worked for so long. those who are stuck to it wont be ready for the new Gold reserve system the BIS has introducted.