Saturday, July 17, 2010

Must-Listen Interview On King World News With Matt Simmons

Some key points:

- BP stock is worth zero

- the U.S. Govt should attach liens to all BP assets (this blog asserted that from the beginning)

- BP has lied about what's happening every step of the way from day 1 (remember when they said the spill was 1000 barrels per day?); "they conned everyone into believe that this was no big deal"

- Letting BP use the airwaves to promote and defend their company is like letting Iran be the Middle East peace spokesman

Here's the link:  Worst Disaster Ever and Getting Worse - BP lying

Using the mainstream to look for the truth is like the drunk who looks for his lost wallet under the street light because that's where the light is shining...


  1. Not surprising to hear that, sheeple are already fooled into thinking the economy is recovering too...

    Who really knows what's happening over there, videos could be faked for all we know.

  2. Read the TJ NOAA report, the sampled ping results are quite clear. In early June a layer of crude had formed to the North and West of the well head. Similar data sets are occurring at the original site which was abandoned.

    The Gulf of Mexico will die and many people along with it. The DWH is a complete and total disaster for many reasons.

    I was surprised to discover how totally clueless many at the Oil Drum remain.

    It is there in black and white from NOAA, they are completely freaked out and with good reason. The second largest fishery in the US is going to die.

    With ocean temperatures well above normal, this hurricane season promises to deliver a toxic brew to the Gulf Coast. The Delta is one of the richest and most productive estuaries on our planet and will come under intense ecological stress.

    I spent a week off the Florida Keys in the center of the Straights of Florida at the time NOAA was sampling the site. Surface temperatures were 3 to 5 degrees warmer than normal. The currents through the straights begin in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Recent Satfotos show the surface toxins spreading to the Yucatan and beyond. It is difficult to imagine how it will not spread over the coming years and ring the eastern seaboard as well as arrive on UK shores within several years.

  3. "Letting BP use the airwaves to promote and defend their company is like letting Iran be the Middle East peace spokesman."

    That's the stupidest comment I've ever heard.

    When's the last time Iran has invaded a country?

    Here's the real reason America is going after Iran:

    Petro-dollars- Part 1

    Petro-dollars- Part 2

  4. What caused the other leak? How is it related to the BP fiasco?

  5. Sorry Aint Enough No More (bp oil spill song)

  6. re: the secondary leak away from the wellhead: