Monday, July 5, 2010

The Only Possible Solution To This Problem Is Massive Money Printing

...or a massive cut-back in essential public services and widespread hunger:

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole

"For the last few years, California stood more or less unchallenged as a symbol of the fiscal collapse of states during the recession. Now Illinois has shouldered to the fore, as its dysfunctional political class refuses to pay the state’s bills and refuses to take the painful steps — cuts and tax increases — to close a deficit of at least $12 billion, equal to nearly half the state’s budget."

Here's the article link:  NY Times

If you think our policy makers and the guy in the Oval Office that most of you wouldn't put in charge of a hot dog stand are going to address the financial collapse in several States with anything BUT money printing, I would suggest that you layoff your medical marijuana for awhile.

BP Update

Oil is now hitting the shoreline of Texas and tar balls were found in Lake Ponchartrain, the large inland salt water lake that is bordered by New Orleans and several surrounding suburbs.  BP is now looking to global Sovereign Wealth Funds to invest in BP to help pay for this mess.  Anyone who takes that on is a complete moron.   I smell desperation on the part of BP.  Here's the article link:  It's Getting Worse

Obama urinates on more of his campaign platform and all over the 1st Amendment:  ""A photographer taking pictures of a BP refinery in Texas was detained by a BP security official, local police and a man who said he was from the Department of Homeland Security."   That quote is from Zerohedge - here is the article LINK


  1. It's coming, soon we are going to get another inncubator babies video blared out of every TV station in the world. After that we will find out that I'madinnerjacket eats Afghan babies for dinner. Forget the fact that 45% of Afghans speak Iranian and are alled to Iran.

    Afghanistan is the only place in the world where the strange Wahabbi sect hangs out apart from Saudi Arabia which it rules. It is these people who make up the Taliban or Pushtun tribesmen who are doing all the fighting and the Iranian areas based aound Herat are at peace with NATO .

    No forget that the Iranians have been at low level hostility with the Wahabbists for at least 30 years and particularly during the period of Taliban rule when they were major victims. Bin Ladin actually targetted the mullahs in Iran in a big way in Afghanistan. No forget all this, we are now going out to find out from some pathetic video presentation with the authenticity of the "Green Zone" that really I'madinnerjacket is secretly in cahoots with the Wahabbists and are behind the escalating violence.

    You couldn't write pulp fiction with these plots and expect people to believe it.

    "US and British intelligence services are working on a fake video clip aimed at diverting blame for failures in Afghanistan to Iran, an informed US military source says."

  2. The plight of BP is the least of our problems. They are not managing the oil gusher because it is far beyond their capacity to do so. That the U.S. Government is in cahoots with these corporate miscreants, covering up the biggest uncontrolled gusher of all time, is beyond monstrous. By August, I expect the entire Gulf region from Texas to Florida will be experiencing civil unrest as evacuations take place in earnest. From there, things will become even more "interesting" in a Chinese curse sort of way.

  3. Can't pay a dime to help out on the oil spill but can stop fuel to Iranian flights. Does this suprise you?

    Oil giant BP stops refueling Iranian airliners in Europe - in face of threatened reprisals
    DEBKAfile Special Report July 5, 2010, 5:19 PM (GMT+02:00)

  4. Sorry, but I forgot to lay off what you suggest us deluded people lay off of!

    Verily, I say unto you that the Americans were clueless. Their Holy Books forbade Usury, yet they had combined this unstable sin with Fractional-Reserve Banking and FIAT FRN money. They talked much of Democracy but their politicians were Cheap Whores. They talked of Capitalism, but totalitarian systems of business called corporations (with Limited Liability) grew so large the Invisible Hand was slain. The third sin that doomed the Americans was their propensity to sit on their butts in front of a sound and light show box while their Laws and Country went up in Flames that few could see. Their prophets were mostly Shunned and Scorned, their smart people Ignored by nearly all, and the People knew less and less of the Real World.
    When the empire started to collapse, as empires always do, the people said "WTF?" and "LMAO!" and "It will come back." When the FIAT FRN money became Worth Less, they complained about the High Prices and blamed the workers who Produced the goods rather than the moneychangers who Printed and Printed and Printed FRNs. Ignorance and evil walked the land and were Worshiped by the Delusional.
    The few who had eyes to see Reality could barely compete with the Hologram Of Distraction called Amercian Culture. These few did not forget the old ways, and believed in Gold and Silver Money. They planted Trees and veggies so they might eat thereof, and they learned the ways of Food Preservation so the food, harvested by the Sweat of their Brow, would not be Wasted. Yet the Stench of burned coal combined with the Reek of spilled oil, and even those who prepared did suffer.
    I was there and saw this with my own eyes! I, who am not so smart, listened to the smart ones! I heard the prophets and listened! Yet they despised me. I wished to put a Mow-Bull Home (DoubleWide) on an Oil Rig so the Empire could die American Style, and also determine Once and For All if an Oil Rig with a Tornado Magnet could create a Cat Six Hypercane.