Thursday, October 7, 2010

Freedom To Fascism: Obama Is Accelerating The Shift

Another example in which Obama has taken the Bush policies which the electorate overwhelmingly gave Obama the mandate to reverse, and which Obama promised to reverse, and has made them more extreme:


  1. One should not assume that Obama is in control of anything. He is definitely not calling the shots.

  2. sadly LOL:

    I wish I could find a cartoon from 2002 showing air travel passengers going thru security wearing hospital gowns.


    President Obama is Not Signing H.R. 3808

  4. There should be some red label on entrance within your web. You have responsibility for your readers.

    I mean something like "WARNING. This site is terroristic. Reading the site can affect your life, you can be accused, sentenced and imprisoned for terrorist criminal offence".

  5. stibot, my responsibility is to report The Truth. If you can't handle the truth then go hang out with Mish and Denninger and Gartman.

    I don't owe anyone any answers of accountability, especially to you. If want to know what some of the principles of TRUTH are, go read 1984, Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged and anything by Shakespeare or Charles Dickens.

  6. "go hang out with Mish and Denninger and Gartman."

    Anyone see Smish Shylocks BS on NO inflation today
    unless banks start lending again? What a crock.

    Does that guy eat food? Heat his home? Drive a car?
    Have a wife? Kids?

    Just because we have deflation in debts doesn't mean
    we won't have hyperbolic inflation in everything else.

    Shylock and Precther are religous deflationists.
    To theirs and their readers detriment.

    Drink the Koolaid kids and get your head handed to you.

  7. I lable this site MUST READ myself.

    Made out with my profits on the paper SLV position first thing this morning, what a great ride for a trade!

  8. NICE GYC. We positioned our fund with a big slug of ZSL yesterday to hedge out our silver bullion in the fund plus we raised a fair amount of cash (go-go positions, not juniors)

  9. Anonymous, why even waste your time reading their stuff? The stuff they understand is analysis you can get in a lot of spots.

    Anyone who thinks debt "destruction" means deflation has thinking and analysis that is fundamentally and intellectually seriously flawed.

    The fact of the matter is that the debt is "destructing" BOTH because 1) the Fed is monetizing a lot of it and 2) a shitload is being transferred to the U.S. Govt/Taxpayer balance sheet. The stuff being monetized inflates the money supply, as we are seeing happen now. The stuff being transferred will eventually be monetized. This is leading to an acceleration in inflation, which we are starting to see now at grocery stores, medical care costs, gasoline, even clothing.

    The front page of the Denver Post today had this headline: "Steep hikes may come to tuition for higher ed in Colorado." 9-21% is being proposed. No inflation? ROFLMAO.