Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama's Promise For More Transparency: He Lied And He's A Failure

From Bloomberg News:  Treasury Shields Citigroup as Deletions Undercut Disclosure 
Here's the news link:  President Failure  Think about this article when you vote next week.

On another note, scratching your head over the uncharacteristic strength of gold/silver right now?  Were you expecting a big price correction like dopes who slavishly follow the moronic Gartman?  Better tune in to the Truth.  This is from the "JB" global gold report at
“Refineries report increased orders and much of the increase in demand seems to be India and the Middle East. The revival in physical demand without the market even breaking USD1,300/oz shows that physical buyers are not waiting for a major sell off before they accumulate bullion and that underlying gold demand, even in price sensitive economies, is strong.”
Is the physical market finally overwhelming the insanely absurd short interest in the paper market?  Which one is real?  LOL


  1. The Gold price is probably speaking to the fact that the USD is about to throw craps.

    Joe M.

  2. QE II will be sold, either as news or inadequate.

    Dollar and bonds will rally, stocks and gold will crash.

    Except gold will bounce off $1264.00 and never look back.