Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks Obama!!!!

Health Insurance Companies Say That They Plan To Raise Premiums Significantly Because Of The New Health Care Reform Law
many of these health insurance companies are openly admitting that they are raising rates because of the mandates contained in Barack Obama's new health care reform law.  Of course when the health care reform bill was being debated, Barack Obama swore up and down that this would never happen.  At the time, Obama promised that the average American family would save $2,500 in yearly health care premiums under the new law.
Here's the article link which I sourced in tonight's Midas report at To Go Barack

I had this debate about the Healthcare Farce Bill with several blindly ardent Obama/healthcare reform supporters.  It was blatantly obvious to me that Big Pharma, Big Hospital and Big Insurance were all going to pay off their reps in Congress in order to create a Bill which would transfer massive amounts of wealth from us to them. 

Wanna know how I knew?  Follow the money:  Big Pharma spent $100's of millions in advertising and lobbying in order to get this legistlation through.  They didn't spend that kind of jake because they wanted to help Americans save money.

Big Insurance you say?  The proof is above.  But even moreso is the fact that 30 million or so uninsureds will now qualify for Government funded healthcare insurance.  That's 30 million NEW policies!!!  Nice, huh?  No biggie, now Obama can either find clever ways to raise taxes on those of us who earn our living and pay for our own h/c insurance OR Helicopter Ben can just print up more dollars and drop 'em right into the coffers of Big Insurance.

There's a lot of other collateral damage not covered in the media.  Many small businesses have had to cut their workforce because they couldn't afford the added expenses required by this "reform" legislation.  And several big corporations immediately took billions in charges to reserve for the added expense. The charges taken significantly reduce the level of taxable corporate income.

I never in my worst nightmares ever thought I would come to this, but it would appear to me that Obama and his Change Now policies have only changed things for the worse both for me and from the way they were with W in the Oval Office.

And please do not forget or overlook the the fact that the very Congressmen who passed this legislation largely never read the entire Bill AND they have their own Congressional, publicy funded healthcare plan that operates outside of this legislation.   I hope Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi burn in hell.


  1. I request, that WE THE PEOPLE ask for a repeal of this bill. Or full disclosure of what this bill actually contains. I am hearing and reading more and more hidden Government Bull Shit in this bill everyday.


  2. Hopefully the Repubs gain full control of Congress back and will repeal this legislative Hiroshima.

  3. I'm an atheist when it comes to slimy politicians and big government. Yer preachin' to da choir.

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  5. Hi

    The big boys get an "out of jail" every time, it is unbelievable. That there isn't a revolution already in America I don't understand - but I don't live there! However it effects the globe.

    They will get the same in precious metals - "Out of Jail". Monopoly - change the rules as you go along. It's a wonderful world we live in.

  6. With the the USD dropping like a stone I am wondering just how much longer the USG can hold together.

    Joe M.

  7. Thanks preciousmetals news - just added your blog to my blog link section.

  8. Health Insurance Companies Say That They Plan To Raise Premiums Significantly Because Of The New Health Care Reform Law
    Dave in Denver said...
    Hopefully the Repubs gain full control of Congress back and will repeal this legislative Hiroshima.

    Dave - You don't honestly believe that the Health Insurance Companies will drop their premiums right back down again if this legislation is repealed? Surely you cannot be that naive! Both the Dem's and the GOP have screwed this country to a fare-thee-well. A pox on both their houses!

  9. Sam I hear ya bro. But at least getting rid of that legislation would at least get rid of my paying for everyone else's healthcare.

    A HUGE part of the problem is the Govt regulation that allows anyone with paper cut in their finger to go to the hospital for treatment and the Govt will pay for it or insurance companies have to pay for it, which means I have to pay for it.

    Medical care is a scarce resource just like any other necessity and you have to let the market have large degree of control over allocating usage. When usage is heavily subsidize, people misuse and abuse the consumption of it.

    I also would like to see the unConstitutional aspects of this Bill removed. Removing the whole Bill will do that. There's really nothing good for anyone except the poor and the big corporations. The other 85% of the country gets screwed.

  10. you take the word of insurance companies! Geez I thought you had a brain.