Monday, April 18, 2011

Anyone Doubt That The Fed Manipulates The Markets?

That video is PHENOMENAL and is a MUST-LISTEN for everyone, but especially for ANYONE who doubts that the Fed manipulates the markets intentionally. This guy lays it all out with PROOF using excerpts from actual meetings.  It's worth taking the time to understand exactly what is being presented in the first couple of minutes.


Bernanke is just as corrupt and Angelo Mozillo, Bernie Madoff and Wall Street - make no mistake about that.


  1. They communicate QE and PPT in various ways--don't you wonder what they do not communicate but do?

  2. Lots. There's plenty of proof in Fed minutes and other recordings of Greenspan/Bernanke statements, but there's even MORE that goes on that does not get recorded OR is shielded by the Fed's willingness to fight the Freedom of Information Act and the Court's who have been partially willing to rule in the Fed's favor. That last big event forcing the Fed to disgorge documents about the bailout nothwithstanding.

  3. I just send the deCarbonnel piece and the related on on ZH this weekend to Congressman Paul. Maybe he will hold hearings on the Fed's manipulation and fraud.

  4. Is this what you call manufactured calm?

    And everyone's model accounts for this bs?

    What's N again? ie your trust in the financial markets?

    On actually writing the (currently implied) Bernanke put

    As Cole tells us, if you short volatility you eventually have to displace that convexity risk elsewhere. So with everyone currently feeling very comfortable shorting spot volatility — possibly as a funding strategy — the cost of tail-risk protection much further down the volatility curve is rising. What’s more, the sheer volume of demand for tail-risk protection is reportedly skewing far, far off variance — up to five and 10 years out — to even steeper rates than can be detected via the Vix futures curve alone. Arguably, something that could be setting up the volatility market as the source of a new black-swan event.

  5. If you mention gold is suppressed people call you foolish.

    If you say miners trade artificially're called a conspiracy nut job.

    People better wake the fuck up.

    Investment funds accuse banks of rigging interest rate benchmark

    The lawsuit comes as regulators in the US, Japan, and UK are investigating whether some of the biggest banks acted in concert to manipulate the benchmark interest rate.

    Libor, which measures the rate banks charge each other, is used as a reference for about $350,000 billion in financial products, making it one of the world's most closely watched indices. Very small changes can have a huge knock-on effect on products such as interest rate derivatives and loans that are pegged to the rate.

    "Because different banks were experiencing different levels of severe stress, the banks should have been receiving markedly different borrowing rates. None of this was reflected in the Libor rates reported," said the complaint.

    The complaint argues that the banks had two motives for suppressing Libor: "to avoid having the market doubt their financial stability" and "to take advantage of insider trading opportunities their inside information would provide in the Libor-based derivative market."