Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Should Piss Everyone Off

While our Government makes sure that our airlines are safe from 6 yr old girls who might be toting plutonium-laced sippy-cups through security, Congress lays out over 5,000 pages of evidence of pre-meditated fraud and theft by Wall Street firms, most notably Goldman Sachs, and the Wall Street Journal apologizes for the complete lack of eventual criminal prosecutions by patronizingly explaining that the report lacks "evidence of outright fraud."  ROFLMAO.  Here's the link:  Let The Big Crooks Go Free Says Congress  The whole lot of Wall Street CEO's and CFO's should be thrown in jail.  They should be joining Angelo Mozillo - former Countrywide CEO - but he was never prosecuted either.

This is just beyond an outrage and it unequivocably demonstrates how corrupt our whole system of banking and Government has become (the head of the CFTC is a former Goldman executive).  I can't even begin to express how infuriating this is.  Unfortunately, and it really makes me seethe to admit this, Karl Marx was 100% correct when he stated that - to paraphrase - the capitalist system would destroy itself through widespread corporate corruption and fraud.  Think I'm kidding?  Look at that article above and then understand that the massive Glencore IPO about to commence in London is Marc Rich's former company, with one of its senior directors as ex-British Petroleum CEO and crook, Tony Heyward.  Just can't make this shit up...anyone wondering why gold and silver keep hitting multi-decade highs everyday is an idiot for wondering...

***Late edition***  I had no choice but to add this quote just sent to me from a colleague: 
What will REALLY piss people off is when all their dopey deflation trades fail, and they are standing out in front of the train stations and home depots vying for day labor paying a silver dollar a week, do menial jobs that even immigrants will not take.


  1. The Real Housewives of Wall Street

  2. Excellent 5mins on CNBS today – starts about 1:40 into this video

  3. It just makes me crazy.


  4. and nothaus is a "domestic terrorist" who receives 30 yrs from the feds.

    he should receive a medal of freedom award and the prosecutor, thompson should be hanged in the town square.

    oh and when they raided his property and counted the silver and gold they found that he backed all his issued paper 100% with pm and he's the crook?

    we just jumped the shark.


  5. Karl Marx did indeed have tremendous insight. His solution to the problem of capitalism was fatally flawed, but there has never been a better critic of capitalism than the author of Das Kapital. Flashing forward a hundred and forty five years from the penning of the aforesaid tome, it's The East versus The West. The East, recognizing just how unfathomably corrupt our system is-and yet, not being above corruption themselves, but for now, mere amateurs at capitalist jiggery pokery, are gobbling up as much physical as possible to both prepare for and pave the way towards a post Anglo-Axis dominated world.

  6. Anonymous re: Levy comment: No way I can publish that here. LOL. Try the Pru Bear chat or Wall Stree Bear