Friday, June 17, 2011

The Fed Wages Its War On Gold On Behalf Of Fraudulent Paper Money

Question:   If you were advising the Federal Reserve, what would you say are the unsolved economic problems of the day?

Milton Friedman:  One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve.   - January 1996 interview on NPR

Ron Paul has been aggressively seeking an official, independent audit of the gold that is supposedly being held at Ft. Knox on behalf of all U.S. citizens.  Such an audit has not taken place since Eisenhower was the President?   What gives there?  In the face of mounting criticism and citizen requests for this audit, why does the Treasury ignore this issue?  What does it have to hide?

At this point, anyone who looks at the Treasury financial statements is placing their "full faith" in the belief that the Government is honestly reporting its numbers.  Does anyone really believe that the economic numbers  the Government publishes on a weekly basis?  Everyone believe that the Government is telling truth about why we're spending trillions on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya? 

The Fed has been spending millions to fight all of the recent Freedom Of Information Act requests, which have been filed so that we can see what the Fed is doing secretly with our money - especially now that most of what Fed does has a guarantee on it by the Treasury.  Most notably for me is the GATA request that we get to see what kinds of transactions the Fed has been in engaging in with OUR gold.  It is highly likely that the 8100 tonne book entry on the Treasury balance sheet is just another electronic entry on a piece of paper.  How about we get to take a look at the actual physical gold that is supposedly represented by that electronic entry?  How about we get to see if that gold has any legal encrumbrances attached to it like Federal Reserve gold swaps and leasing transactions?

An audit needs to be done and it needs to be done under the full, transparent scrutiny of all U.S. citizens who would like to watch it happen.  And of even more immediate concern, at least to me, is the drain on physical gold and silver occurring at the Comex.  It's kind of spooky the way unencumbered physical silver is being, and has been, "sucked" out of the system (Comex, SLV) over the past couple months. As much as I want to see Ron Paul force an open audit of Ft. Knox, I'd love to see an open audit of the Comex. I believe the Comex problem is the Achilles Heel of this whole mess.

It wouldn't take much to stage a run on the Comex. And when that occurs, if it turns out that the Comex is unable to make deliveries of actual physical metal and instead changes its rules and defers to cash settlement of contracts, that's when all hell will break loose.  I would then expect that GLD and SLV will head south quickly in price while the global spot price of gold and silver head for the moon.  The slight inversion in silver futures will go nearly verticle and the dollar index will go into a serious tail-spin.  But how about we just start with a simple audit of Ft. Knox?
Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it becomes, marked: 'Account overdrawn.'  (famous speech by Francisco D'Anconia in "Atlas Shrugged")


  1. The Friedman quote is priceless

  2. Dave, this could be one of my dumber questions (and I have had some doozies) but why is the Fed the "owner" of the gold? Why not the US Treasury?

    (I think I have seen it correctly where the Fed is the owner).

    That also begs the question why we have FRN's vs say "Treasury Note in denominations of $1, $5, etc. I am sure its in some book somewhere and knowing you, you have probably read it and retained it.

  3. (Dave)

    Great question Hal. I forget the exact answer but the fact is that the Treasury is the owner of the gold. The Fed is the custodian or something like that.

    But we know the truth. The Fed was put in charge of the gold so they could use it to manage the price.

    Hell just look at the famous quote from Volker in which he said the biggest mistake they made when they closed the gold window was not keeping a lid on the price....

  4. Don't forget the "Secret" War in the Craptastic country of Yemen.

  5. Run Like Hell

    Treasury is protected through ESF...ESF manages currencies,gold....ESF BY LAW HAS NO ACCOUNTABILITY

    Part 1 of De Carbonnel's video on the ESF can be found at YouTube here:

    Part 2 can be found at YouTube here:

  6. Would love to see an audit. Such a simple thing, what's the big deal? If it's all there and accounted for why not just show us?

  7. Friedman was full of crap...the only thing I'd use him as is a baseline to measure sewage.
    He spoke out of 2 sides of his mouth...


    It was Milton Friedman—the monetary poster boy of the right—who advised Nixon to
    cut all ties between the dollar and gold. Friedman, like Keynes—the
    monetary poster boy
    of the left—was a strong believer in fiat money and Friedman advised
    Nixon that floating
    exchange rates would balance global trade flows. Friedman was wrong.
    The 1971 cutting of ties between money and gold instead led to
    increasingly unbalanced
    trade flows, rapid increases in government debt, and by the late
    1970s, increasingly high
    rates of inflation.

  8. Milton laid the foundation for frauds and bubbles...I'm sick as shit of all the faux great thinkers...

    In 1971, an atrocity was made that I call the Nixon-Friedman conspiracy. To cover up the shame and disgrace of the default of the US on its international gold obligations, Milton Friedman (following an earlier failed attempt of John Maynard Keynes) concocted a spurious and idiotic theory of floating exchange rates. It suggests that falling foreign exchange value of the domestic currency makes it stronger when in actual fact the opposite is true: it is made weaker as the terms of trade of the devaluing country deteriorates and that of its trading partners improves.

    The ploy was played up and celebrated as a great scientific breakthrough, making it possible for man to shape his own destiny rationally, free of superstition, for the first time ever. Yet all it was a cheap trick to elevate the dishonored paper of an insolvent banker (the US) from scum to the holy of holies: international currency. The fact that fiat paper money has a history of 100% mortality was neatly side-stepped. Any questioning of the wisdom of experimenting with it in spite of logic and historical evidence was declared foggy-bottom reactionary thinking.

  9. Wage a war against lies...forward interview..

    Greg Hunter Archived Audio
    June 16th, 2011
    Greg Hunter: Mainstream Press Missing Most Military & Economic Realities, Devastating Bank Losses Still to Come

  10. (Dave)

    No question Friedman sold out and became a tool of the Bilderbergs. In fact, many people believe that his wife, Anna Schwartz, is the true genius behind the economic theories and principles of Friedman was a master.

  11. Not sure how many of you caught this but the Fed's lawyer Scott Alvarez basically admitted during a Congressional hearing that the Federal Reserve DOES NOT OWN ANY GOLD at all:

    Thats right. The Fed owns NO gold. Zero, zip, ziltch.

    The truth is out but does anybody really care? The American sheeple are too busy watching reality TV while their own government is fleecing them for everything they've got and insuring the slavery of future generations to come.

  12. What event/s will be the trigger/s that sets off the ticking Social/Economic/Political/Religious time bomb/s that appear to be unavoidable? Could the likely collapse of Greece's economy, though the numbers involved are nothing compared to the impending US problem, have a snowball effect? Would an audit of Ft. Knox or the COMEX confirming suspicions of corruption and/or misappropriation of OUR gold or fraudulent market practices be enough to anger Americans to the point of rebellion? Maybe BHO being elected to a second term ensuring the continuation of our country spiraling downward out of control? Or maybe WikiLeaks posts what really happened to Bldg 7 and why? There are so many possibilities it's tough to make a prediction but I'd like to see what the line would be on some of these scenarios...

  13. @but I'd like to see what the line would be on some of these scenarios...

    listen...seems pretty close

    MEP Nigel Farage

  14. (Dave) @Silver Ammo

    Yes technically speaking Alvarez is correct. The Fed is not the legal owner of the U.S. gold reserves. The Treasury is. That's why Ron Paul is going to press the Treasury for an independent audit. I was shocked when I read that no Congressman has even toured Ft. Knox to look at the gold since like 1974.

    BUT, Federal Reserve facilities are Custodians of the gold. That's wherein the problem lies.

    If Alvarez has stated that the Fed has not engaged in swap transactions under oath, it is likely that he has committed a serious crime/lie. Also, I would like to see someone in Congress ask the Fed, under oath, if they have engaged in leasing transactions.

    I have no doubt in my mind that most, if not of all, of the Treasury gold has some form of encrumbance on it, likely either a swap contract or leasing contract. I have a hard time believing that most of it is not in Fed facilities either.

  15. as for timing watch this till the end...historic moment at hand

    “Gold is not an investment. It is money,” says James Turk

  16. oh...if we only knew the half of it????A Q &A off another site...thought you'd get a kick out of it....

    "I believe the negative Tax Rates are a result of Politicians being so good at supporting America's One growth Industry - Tax Credits.

    Did you know the US Treasury as an entire Department ( that assigns New Market Tax Credits. A department Dedicated to reducing Taxes for Financial Institutions if they make investments that dovetail with the Executive Branch's interests.
    Yes, Tim Geithner over sees the passing out of Tax Credits to Financial Institutions and Non-Profits called CDEs or CDFIs.

    The New Market Tax Credits are kind of the secret sauce of Washington DC and the Banking Industry. An entire Industry of Lawyers, special departments in Banks and Investment Houses, and non-profits that often funnel the Tax Credits to Banks.

    Perhaps you've seen these urls at the end of commercials for Banks - these are advertisements for the New Market Tax Credit operations for Goldman and BofA on CNBC...."

    .....for readers with an interest in how we are all being stolen from!

  17. Smart Money Europe - New Bold Prediction: By 2015, 10 percent of the S&P 500 will consist of Gold & Silver Stocks!

    Lately, something else is bothering us in the gold and silver segment. We already pointed at the mismatch between gold and gold stocks.

    We dug a little deeper and found that the current weight of the gold and silver sector in the total market was completely negligible. Even with precious metal prices multifold, gold and silver mining shares are only a small fraction of the most important indices.

    Take for instance the S&P 500, the bellwether among global stock indices. A recent snapshot of its composition shows there are only 2 companies included within the gold ‘sphere’. We want to emphasize ‘sphere’, as Newmont Mining and Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold are not exactly what you can call pure gold and/or silver plays.

    They only account for 0.4 percent of the total S&P 500! This, of course, doesn’t correspond with reality. An important sector like gold and silver, in the midst of a secular bull market, should get a much larger weighting.

    That’s why we believe that gold and silver stocks will make up for 10 percent of the S&P500 when gold will be crossing the barrier of $5000/ounce! As our modeling has shown, we should be reaching this price target for gold by 2015.

  18. (GATA) Urge C-SPAN to broadcast June 23 hearing on gold audit legislation

  19. Is The COMEX Manipulating Gold Margins To Mask Silver Supply Deficits?

    The manipulation of margin requirements is a classic example of short-term cause and effect. Short-term trading 'noise' can never be confused with manipulation, but the old trading axiom suggests no coincidences in this business. The downward adjustment to margin requirements with gold near its all-time highs is strange indeed.

  20. Like I said good news for BP and the US taxpayers. You will also be pleased to know that Tony Hayward the hard working BP Chairman is to benefit personally in some of the billions of BP assets that had to be sold to Nathan Rothschild.

    Federal Judge: BP not Responsible For Oil Spill Damage,Tax Payers Are Ruling in favor of Transocean and BP, a federal judge on Thursday dismissed third-party environmental claims in a giant pleading bundle in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill litigation, saying the fact that the oil flow has stopped makes those lawsuits irrelevant.

  21. Another chair removed on the USS Amerika's Deck. Dodd / Frank used to disrupt Precious Metals Markets. Another door closes in Amerika, time for adjustment & opportunities outside the swill.

    I'll let you know which island looks the most promising for offshore opportunity. You & your clients are going to need it.

    My belief in seizure appears to be warranted. It would seem the endgame has advanced and will only gain momentum.

    After the dust settles on this round of attrition against sound money, another will follow in lock step.

    Metals trading will become the sport of outsiders much sooner than one would have thought a few days past.

    Better the devil you know Dude...

  22. Complete & Total desperation to make the citizen/consumer of every nation state a ghost in the machine.

    The elimination of choice continues.

    Serious disruption ahead.

  23. The last sentence has more to do with all our problems than anything else aka the OPM disconnect!

    Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First

    NEARLY a year after President Obama signed into law a huge overhaul of financial regulations, little on Wall Street seems to have changed. Regulators appear to be dragging their feet on finalizing the tough new rules that the law, known as Dodd-Frank, authorized them to write. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has yet to get off the ground. State attorneys general are still pressing mortgage servicers for a financial settlement over the widespread fraud and abuse in lending practices.

    It will take decades to fully untangle the causes of the 2008 financial crisis, but as our economy fitfully heals, it would be prudent to ask whether lawyers and accountants offer the same protection against corporate misconduct that they once did.

    Wealth was reserved for business owners (and generally for corporate executives), talented investors and investment bankers who risked their own capital.

  24. Atlas shrieked!

    Politics and the Power Elite

    Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us again. It's been a while. We'll ask some follow-ups to previous questions. Where do we stand with the US stimulus? Will we see QE3? Will it work any better than the last ones?

    G. Edward Griffin: Well, it's always a little dangerous to make predictions about what's going to happen, but I think in this case the risk factor is pretty low, because that's all these fellows know how to do ... what is called QE1, QE2. Quantitative easing is merely a more sophisticated phrase for creating money out of nothing and pumping it into the economic sectors, wherever they have friends, wherever they have places they need to re-enforce, to their own economic benefit.

    They always make it sound like it is for the purpose of improving the economy, but make no mistake about it, we are dealing with a pretty corrupt system and there are a lot of people in that system that need to be taken care of.

  25. Um, isn't Ayn Rand the nutjob who praised the child murder William Hickman as a "real" man???

  26. ayn rand side issue to manipulation going on..

    KWN Special: Jim Sinclair & Dan Norcini

  27. Sunday, June 19, 2011
    A Father's Day Commentary

    To the Financial Barons, the Oil Barons, the Insurance Barons, the Drug Barons (pharmaceutical companies)as well as to all the politicians who serve you for entrance into your circle of classdom, remember the old saying: "What goes around comes around". All great empires have fallen and so shall yours.

    The thirst for freedom worldwide will soon come to a neighborhood near you.

  28. Turk - Confidence in Fiat Currencies is Beginning to Collapse

    “The big news in Europe this morning Eric is that the EU politicians have once again tried to come up with a solution to the Greek dilemma, but there is nothing new. The politicians fail to recognize that Greece is suffering from its debt burden, just like Iceland was suffering from a similar fate.

    The Icelandic people had the good sense to default and maintain their sovereignty. Hopefully Greece will follow the same pattern and kick out the IMF and other organizations who are working for the banks and not the best interests of the Greek people.”

  29. If you're not on the inside you're on the outside...??? Still think gold is a free market?

    BOJ's 1% Rule which is "propping up the Nikkei."

    The rule is that whenever the Topix index of all issues on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange ends a morning session 1% or lower than the previous day's close, the central bank will try to prop up the stock market by purchasing ETFs in the afternoon session. The BOJ official in charge of such matters has refused to comment on the criteria the bank uses for its ETF purchases. But the numbers appear to confirm the chatter emerging from the rumor mill. Since Dec. 15, the BOJ has purchased ETFs through trust banks on all of the 18 days when the Topix index fell by 1% or more in the morning session." And since Vincent Reinhart has certainly noted in some of the recently unembargoed Fed minutes over the past decade precisely this simplistic (and last ditch) plan for market manipulation, we can't wait when the Fed, shortly after the failure of QE 7, announces publicly this time, that it will proceed to buy the SPY whenever the S&P drops more than 1%.

  30. There is no more free market. The stock indices of the western world need to fall massively to their inherent/intrinsic value, and since the governments of the world fear this (unemployment, demonstrations, and most importantly the failure of many large banks), rich friends after they take a hair cut, the central banks are manipulating stock prices up by manipulating currencies down, oil down, gold and silver down, and interest rates down. But even this is not enough, the house of cards is so weak, and the Ponzi scheme so deep that the central banks have to buy stock futures, and through their investment bank 'partners' actual stocks to try to prop up the price so all the pension funds, overleveraged banks etc. do not go under. This is going to make a VERY BIG MESS sometime soon.