Monday, June 20, 2011

Must-Watch Interview With Ron Paul

Hot off his straw-poll win at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, NBC's Today Show interviews Mr. Paul this morning.  I consider this significant to Paul's campaign, because the demographic that watches the Today Show is an important voter demographic and, correct if I'm wrong, I do not believe that Mr. Paul had this kind of high profile media exposure in 2008:

Also: RIP to Clarence Clemmons, who was the driving force in the sound behind Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and helped Springsteen catapult into huge fame in the late 1970's.


  1. "I want to legalize freedom, what's so bad about that?"

    Awesome line.

  2. Dave, the link to the video is not working: this one below might work out:

  3. Hi - thx again for blog.

    Today Zerohedge has a piece again about the astonishing demand for phyzz. I had to dig up this interview with an Indian woman and there is one answer in there that will explain all. As westerners we are gravitating to that answer still.

    The question and answer...

    "Jeff: Do other factors affect why Indians buy gold?

    Shanta: The stock market has recently fallen from a lot of corruption cases, so the people are increasingly interested in gold.

  4. We need to clean house and clean the money!

    The Emerging New Monetarism: Gold Convertibility To Save The Euro

    Gold convertibility would save not only the Euro but all paper currencies. This includes the U.S. dollar. Soon the focus will turn to the legitimacy of stated gold reserves.

    Professor Robert Mundell urges gold convertibility for the euro, the currency which he fathered, as well as for the dollar. This is a major step forward. Thought leaders are abandoning “old monetarism,” which was vainly fixated on quantity. Even its chief proponent, Milton Friedman, acknowledged old monetarism as unsuccessful in a 2003 interview with the Financial Times. An emerging “new monetarism” is quickly taking its place — one that focuses on the quality, not quantity, of money.

    Empirical data suggest that the gold dollar represents the epitome of quality. As Forbes’ own Steve Forbes advised the presidential candidates last week, the “debate should be focused on what the best gold system is, not on whether we need to go back on one.”

  5. Listen...he hits on some interesting topics especially the garbage ipo's

    Early Signs of Physical World Breakdown

    I am starting to see some early signs of physical breakdown. In Europe Agriculture and Energy, In Japan as a result of Fukushima, in NY in regards to Wall Street jobs, in Washington in regards to pensions, and in the US in terms of medicine and access to medicine.

  6. You think this might ramp up the velocity of money???

    Europe's Problems - US Money Funds and Politics

    My thoughts on this:

    When I look at the list of banks and the countries that they are
    domiciled in my first thought is;

    “Don’t worry. These banks WILL NOT default on short-term IOU’s to US MMFs.

    So what did I do after coming to the conclusion that this was not a
    solvency issue and that I needn’t worry about it? I took a decent
    chunk of money out of MMFs. I bought Bills.

  7. Just for the record, I am personally responsible for the term "PHYZZ" and I am acquiring Trade Mark rights asap. lol

  8. (Dave) LOL

    FYI for anyone who reads this and saw the list of mining stocks in Ron Paul's portfolio: Most of the names are pretty lame. His adviser sucks. The only one I didn't know was Virginia Mines and I looked at it yesterday and today and I do not find it to be compelling at all unless it goes back to around $4....I think his adviser reads too many newsletters...

    AND he didn't have ECU, which I posted on and recommended when it was in the .70's not too long ago.

    Buona serata a tutti

  9. Nice call on ECU. I bought on your call bc I read your blog daily and you never recommend anything. Hope is keeps crushing.

  10. This man has my vote and total support in 2012.

  11. (Dave)

    re: ECU. Thanks. I took some profits on holding in our fund. It's our largest position and it still is, but I sold some of the shares that I bought around the .70 level. If it pullsback into the low .90's and it looks like the whole market is stable, I will add back even more than I sold.

    I still believe the biggest ride in this stock is yet to come.

  12. The corporate state has nothing to offer the left or right.

    “Most of us will struggle to make a living while the Blankfeins and our political elites wallow in the decadence and greed of the Forbidden City and Versailles. These elites do not have a vision. They know only one word: more. They will continue to exploit the nation, the global economy and the ecosystem.”

  13. The way to learn how to support Ron Paul is to sign up for info on his email list at

    Then donate a few $.

    Anyone who lives in a caucus state and claims to support Ron Paul must "man up" and go to their GOP caucus. If you don't know what this means, then you must learn about it if you want to support Ron Paul.

  14. I wish Ron Paul would just pull out the 10th Amendment when the media and others try to portray him as somehow "radical".

    Here it is in its ENTIRETY: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    That's 28 words and most of them are 2 or three letter fillers. Every American capable of graduating from high school should be able to comprehend it without difficulty. WHERE IS THE ROOM FOR "INTERPRETATION" into the monstrous Federal Leviathan we have today? What is unclear? For those who are dull, skeptical, or like to twist words, the the Founders' copious writings exist to prove that the 10th was intended to mean EXACTLY what it appears to mean: that a government anything like what we have today is completely and unequivocally ILLEGAL.

    I strongly support Ron Paul, and I appreciate this site. I just wish Ron Paul and those who favor the Constitution would FOCUS on, and repeat, a few basics which are really beyond "opinion".

    We shouldn't be fighting a rear-guard defense against those who oppose the Bill of Rights, we should be calling them on the carpet, calling them for what they are, and publicly shaming them for their ignorance or perfidy. The 10th Amendment is Occam's Razor for deciding who is American and who is only TECHNICALLY American. Defense of liberty is NOT an opinion and certainly not a quirk for those who purport to favor the Constitution.