Friday, June 3, 2011

Tough Week For Obama And Even Tougher For The Unemployed

and those 30%+ mortgage-holders who are underwater on their house.  It's only going to get worse.

Obama can't be serious:  Economy taking 'awhile' to mend, Obama says  LINK

But what really grinds my gears is the fact that NBC is completely f#$king up the coverage of the French Open semi-finals.  Right now Federer and Djokovic are in a 1st set tiebreaker and NBC is showing the match on delay.  This country's Government and banking system sucks but the television coverage of the important stuff is Third World:

Buon fine settimana a tutti!



  2. Awesome. Thanks. I tried that page earlier and the top few links wouldn't work so I gave up.

    This link seem sto have the best streaming quality:


  3. Novocaine must have permeated the atmosphere because people don't understand what's it..pass it on.

    It's Transitory

    As I have mentioned several times before, CNBC is on in my apartment for about thirty minutes in the morning as I get prepared for the day ahead. Even these thirty minutes have become essentially too intellectually painful to watch. The channel is a total joke. Nevertheless, it has become a good place to look for the latest “memes” being rolled out by the Wall Street Bankster/Washington D.C. Criminal “elite” class. In case you haven’t noticed, the latest one is the “It’s Transitory” meme.

    Not only is it a way to give a downtrodden people hope while they are being robbed, but it also allows for additional time for the Central Bankers to put the final nail in your coffin.
    That said, human nature has not changed in the last 5,000 years and the desire to build empires and dominate people has not gone away. The methods employed just need to be masked in the meme of “unity or economic stability” and executed within a backdrop of total fear and confusion. This is how Europe is being conquered at the moment. America is next in line trust me. That is the plan. It is coming and the next crisis will be used to “make it happen.” All of us must, while we retain some degree of freedom unite to prevent this bondage from enveloping us. If we fail, we will have to live with the sad truth that we sold our children and grandchildren into slavery because we were too scared and brainwashed to act.

  4. Think about this carefully...these pricks want feudalism...they can taste it!

    Greece Troika: Idiots Galore In The Markets

    The government is committed to significantly accelerate its privatization program. To this effect it will create a professionally and independently managed privatization agency, and has drawn up a comprehensive list of assets for privatization with the aim of realizing revenues of EUR 50 billion by the end of 2015. The government will assess progress against intermediate quarterly and annual targets.

    Ah, here we are. What the EU/ECB demanded (and apparently got) is for the government to sell public assets (the things that all Greeks own collectively) and use that money to pay the banksters.

    This is a direct financial rape of the Greek people and should be met with immediate refusal - not acceptance - by the Greek population.

    But - and this is very important - neither Greece or the US should sell anything to pay these banksters. They knew damn well what the revenue and tax picture looked like when they loaned the money. Sovereigns never borrow "secured", and allowing this precedent to be set is ruinous. In fact, there's an argument to be made that this sort of move by the government of a nation amounts to treason.

  5. Gold moving up, stocks moving down. Nice. Have a good weekend Dave.


    How bad has job creation been? I will let the Liscio Report answer that question: "Private employment is 2% below where it was ten years ago. As we've been pointing out for some time, job loss over a ten-year period is unprecedented in U.S. history since reasonable job counts began in 1890. So far, we've regained just 1.8 million of the 8.7 million jobs lost in the Great Recession and its aftermath, or about 1 in 5."

  7. Dave usually they stream it live on Go roger!

  8. Interesting...what are the implications if this catches on?...

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    Bitcoins have been called a "crypto-currency," the online equivalent of a brown paper bag of cash. Bitcoins are a peer-to-peer currency, not issued by banks or governments, but created and regulated by a network of other bitcoin holders' computers. (The name "Bitcoin" is derived from the pioneering file-sharing technology Bittorrent.) They are purportedly untraceable and have been championed by cyberpunks, libertarians and anarchists who dream of a distributed digital economy outside the law, one where money flows across borders as free as bits.

    But not all Bitcoin enthusiasts embrace Silk Road. Some think the association with drugs will tarnish the young technology, or might draw the attention of federal authorities. "The real story with Silk Road is the quantity of people anxious to escape a centralized currency and trade," a longtime bitcoin user named Maiya told us in a chat. "Some of us view Bitcoin as a real currency, not drug barter tokens."

  9. Its a financial tapeworm that's going to eat you inside out financially!

    Financial repression...a stealth tax on your savings.

    If you don't have gold/'re setting yourself up for pain!

    Jim Rickards