Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hmmm...Does Herman Cain = Sara Palin (Katie Couric interview)?

"Let me try to determine so as to ascertain just what exactly you be axing me so I can assess my opinion based upon the nature of what it is we're talking about so that I can tell you what it is that I'm trying to say"


  1. No problem. Just place his body in front of some old books. That will make him LOOK smart.

  2. It intrigues the hell out of me how colored people are genetically incapable of pronouncing the word "ask".

  3. (Dave)

    ROFLMAO. It's pretty consistent. But I will say that most people from the outer boroughs of NYC who did not have college degrees, regardless of gender/race, also say "ax" instead of "ask."

  4. (Dave)

    EA, LOL I really try to post every single comment but your's a bit over the line. It didn't offend me but I think there's some people who be bummed out by it, including some of my clients who read my blog.

    I really appreciate and enjoy your comments but that one was to edgy. Thanks for understanding.

  5. "that one was too edgy"

    We're living on the edge, Dave, cuz there's no room in the center. You know I'm going to keep pushing the envelope. Just calling a spade a spade.

    The other's are wondering "Hmm, now wahtt Dave be talkin bout?"

    (you better delete this one!)

    PS Just so you don't think I've got a good ol' boy southern tatoo on my person, years ago June Pointer and I enjoyed some wild times together. Those were the days. We had a lot of fun. She transcended color.

    Actually, as pessimistic as my tone may infer sometimes, life is great right now. Odd, considering what's on the horizon.

    Totally in another realm, this is interesting. Just got it. Only seen the first few minutes. Not sure where it's headed. Outside of the box, though.


  6. This is so boring
    Way too typical.
    Silliness passing as political discourse.
    Just a cursory engagement with elected people at a local level will tell you that we are "doomed".
    It is not a matter of intent but one of competence, abilities and focus.
    ....and all around us is this amazing natural World:


  7. Chan Lowe: Cain's foreign policy

    Even though Herman Cain is in the midst of his final meltdown as flavor of the month, I had to get in this last lick (sorry) before he completely dropped out of sight to join Michele Bachmann in well-deserved obscurity.

    Yesterday’s performance with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was so spectacularly inept, particularly for a person who tries to present himself as the potential leader of the free world, that it couldn’t be allowed to pass without notice.

    All I can conclude is that the conservatives really, really hate Mitt Romney—so much so that they have embraced a succession of candidates that resembles nothing if not the stream of characters that emerges, miraculously, from the tiny car at the circus. Let’s hope it’s just to send a message and that they aren’t really serious. Are we in for calliopes at the inaugural ball?


  8. It’s All About Gold Now

    You see, the G20 did something accidentally that was very important, and that was confirm that gold has a place in the monetary system, especially in times of extreme turmoil. Why doesn’t the EU use sovereign bonds to back the EFSF? They are considered a store of value and are held as reserves in many European banks. The simple answer is the world is waking up to the fact that debt can’t back up debt.

    When the next financial calamity hits, the Fed and other central banks will have two choices. They can print money to try and save the system they love, or let it implode. That means this is really all about gold now


  9. I've been saying that Cain = Palin for months. Neither have the gravitas for POTUS IMO.

  10. "What an IDIOT!" I can't believe people in this country actually like this BOZO.

  11. Considering how our last president (the decider in chief) used to talk, Cain sounds quite the intelligent sage.

    Sadly, most of the crop of candidates seem more like Dumblicans than Republicans (not that the Democrats/Dumbocrats have anything to brag about.)

    I play no favorites when it comes to politics
    (poli=many tics=blood sucking creatures)